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3 Crucial Qualities You Must Have To Enjoy Your Trips Abroad

EMA Global - March 17, 2021 - 0 comments

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A common misconception that many have is that the only condition for an eventful trip abroad is the location. However, that is far from the truth. Not many people realise that the qualities you have are a deciding factor as to whether you have a good trip overseas or not. Hence, this is why seasoned travellers are able to enjoy themselves and have a good time no matter what country they visit.

So, even if you are new to travelling, fret not! These three qualities can be honed over time as you travel to more places and build up your experience.

Read on if you are eager to learn about these three key qualities that allow you to have memorable trips no matter where you travel.


Travellers who are curious love learning new facts and trying new food in the countries they visit. This trait equips them with many new experiences that someone who is not curious might not experience in his lifetime. The curiosity within many travellers can also be seen in how outgoing they are – these people are usually up for anything! Additionally, when coming across something on their trip that was not expected, curious travellers see it positively as compared to many others who view it as a hurdle or a problem.

At the end of the day, if you are travelling to gain new experiences and grow as a person, curiosity is one trait that you have to embrace as it will make trips more memorable.


This quality is vital, especially if you are looking to travel to countries where the norms and customs are different. If you are travelling with a group of experienced travellers, you will notice that they are very easy going. They are not closed off to the idea of meeting new locals or trying a new type of cuisine. This allows them to leave each country at the end of their trip with a unique experience that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Travellers who are flexible are also comfortable and pleasant to travel with. This is because they are accommodating to people from different cultures and are open to learning about the culture and opinion of others – even if it is not similar to theirs. Hence, learning to be flexible will, without a doubt, cause you to enjoy your trips more since you will have an open mind and develop a positive perspective on your trip.

Critical thinking

If you love travelling to places that not many tourists go to, then critical thinking is vital. This is especially so since you will be navigating and making decisions based on your own thinking and judgements. On such trips where you are alone and in a foreign land, every interaction or event that occurs is something you might not have experienced previously. Hence, you should be able to think critically on-the-spot and make decisions with your best interests.

However, even the most experienced travellers are prone to freezing up and not knowing what to do in several situations. Hence, they are not over-reliant on their critical thinking abilities. Instead, they always have a back-up like the number of the nearest police station and hospital in the event that they might need help.

At the same time, knowing who to call for an emergency medical evacuation is just as crucial. Usually, these global medical services providers even have professional medical escorts onboard the aircraft, a stretcher, and an air ambulance aircraft containing ICU equipment. As such, always stay prepared and contact a careline if you have to.


Keeping these three tips in mind will not only guarantee that your trips are ones to look back on but also help develop you into a better person with an improved outlook in life.