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3 Key Reasons To Take The Public Bus When Travelling Abroad

EMA Global - January 18, 2021 - 0 comments

When visiting a country, you would probably have a list of things you plan to do or places to visit. If the country that you are travelling to is big, it involves hours of travelling from one location to another. Most people opt for a taxi or rent a car as their primary way of travelling when abroad because it seems more convenient. However, what they do not realise is that they are missing out on several benefits and experiences by not travelling by the public bus. This is why the preferred method of travel among seasoned travellers is the public bus.

If you are confused and still do not see the reason for commuting by a public bus, these reasons would, without a doubt, open your eyes to the perks of travelling across the country through a public bus.

Travel cost-effectively

When travelling from one location to another, public buses are definitely the most cost-effective way of touring across the country. Furthermore, you do not have to account for the petrol, highway toll fees, and other aspects when renting a car overseas or taking a taxi.

One main reason that these experienced travellers stick to commuting through public transport because of their fixed ticket prices. On the other hand, most taxi drivers abroad do not keep to their taximeter, which allows them to charge you as they wish. This puts tourists under the risk of being overcharged and falling into potential taxi scams that are prevalent all around the world. Taking the public bus eliminates this risk.

Ease your mind when travelling

When renting a car abroad to travel, it can get mentally exhausting being behind the wheel and focused on the road for hours. If you vision your travels to be relaxed and stress-free, then the public bus should be your best option for commuting. Not only will you be able to give your mind a break, but you would also be able to put your energy into other areas that need your attention like what your plans are for the next day.

Another issue you face when driving in a country that you have no prior experience in is navigation. On a public bus captained by a driver who has been driving the same route for years, they know the best ways to reach their location and are efficiently able to navigate through traffic, all while you relax in your seat.

Likewise, to ensure that you have a peace of mind when abroad, it’s crucial to make sure your safety is taken care of. In other words, before you’re even in a situation that requires immediate medical attention, ensure you know who you need to contact for assistance such as an air ambulance.

Immerse yourself in the local culture

As you travel to more countries, you would realise that each country is entirely different in its own way. The people there speak different languages, eat different food, act differently and have a different view of life. To ensure that you have a memorable trip abroad with pleasant experiences, you have to immerse yourself in the culture of the locals.

This means, trying their local cuisine, observing their way of life and most importantly, travelling with them. When taking a public bus, you would have a better idea of the locals by observing what they wear, what they do to kill time when travelling and even engaging in conversations with them. If you are lucky, you might even get recommendations of places to visit and food to try that only the locals know of! Hence, making public transport one of the best way to immerse yourself in the culture of the locals.


With all these benefits that derive from commuting through public transport, it is equally as crucial to keep yourself from the risks involved. Even though most travellers who take public transportation have pleasant experiences that stay with them for life, it’s always best to be prepared.

Hence, it is vital to have the contact details of the local authorities and emergency services. However, in the event of an emergency, you would also need to contact a medical assistance company that’s able to do immediate medical evacuations. This makes sure that any urgent medical needs are met, and your safety is ensured!