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3 Must-Have Items To Pack For Your Next Trip Overseas

EMA Global - January 5, 2021 - 0 comments

Whether we are travelling for five days or five months, each item we choose to bring on the trip should serve the purpose of making your trip better. One critical mistake most travellers make when packing for their trip is considering the things they want rather than the things they need to bring. This leads to them hauling around these items throughout their journey which they barely end up using.

While many items offer little to no added value to your trip, there are a handful of things that are essential when travelling. These items can make or break your trip. Hence, this list of must-have items for travelling will come in handy when you go for your next trip.

Power bank

This is an indispensable item for trips, especially when you are travelling to a place you have never been to before. In countries where you are hiking or even exploring, it is common for you to rely on a GPS as there might not be many signboards or directions along the way. However, depending on the GPS all day leads to the draining of your phone’s battery. A situation we would want to avoid is being stuck in a remote area with a dead phone, no GPS and having to guess our way out of that area.

This is where a power bank comes in handy. It not only helps your phone stay powered longer but also eliminates the worry of your phone, possibly dying on you in the middle of a long trip outdoors. To add on, the latest power banks are apt for travellers because of its compact and sleek style. This allows you to easily slip it into your pocket and carry around with a hassle.

Additionally, many tourists get mesmerised by the new country they are in that they forget how vital it is to have a working phone with them. In cases of emergency where a medical evacuation is needed, a charged phone is significant in being the connection between you and medical aid. A dead phone during such a time also dismisses the possibility of having your location tracked if you are hurt in a remote area and need an air ambulance for immediate medical attention.

Light-weight poncho

A common oversight among travellers is not taking into consideration the weather. This is an issue especially if you are embarking on a long hiking trip with barely any shade to take cover from, in a heavy downpour. Having a light-weight poncho is one of the determining factors whether you would be able to continue your hike or spend the next few hours waiting for the weather to settle down.

This is common in several South America countries that frequently have heavy downpours. With recent developments in the travelling industry, there are many new variants of ponchos that are both light-weight and compact. Hence, having one by your side would save your time and save you from having a bad experience trapped in the middle of bad weather.

Ziplock bags

When ziplock bags are mentioned as one of the essentials to pack before travelling, many people turn a blind eye to it. However, seasoned travellers who realise the importance and value of having ziplock bags swear by them. This piece of plastic serves many different purposes and can save you in many different situations.

In the case where you get caught in a storm, you can keep your valuables secure and dry, in a ziplock bag. The last thing you would want when in a foreign land is to have your phone and passport wet. Alternatively, you can use it to store your wet clothes without worrying about it soiling your clean clothes. The best part is that you can pack a whole pack of ziplock bags and it does not add any extra weight to your luggage.


One trait that all seasoned travellers have is knowing the essentials that they have to bring along on every trip and the items they should leave behind. Following this list ensures that you do not overpack and that you are prepared for all situations when overseas. All that’s left is for you to get out and start your trip!