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3 Tips To Pack For A Long Trip With Just A Carry-On

EMA Global - May 14, 2021 - 0 comments

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A trip that spans several weeks doesn’t necessarily require you to pack heavily for it. Although it may sound unfeasible at first, a single carry-on is generally enough to carry all your possessions. But in doing so, it’s vital to make the right choices when it comes to choosing what’s necessary for your trip.

And since there are many possible items you can choose to take, it’s important to consider their practicality and usefulness for your journey first and foremost.

This article lays down three handy strategies to consider while packing for your next trip to enjoy it to the fullest!

Only bring essential electronics

The electronics that you want to bring along on your trip can significantly affect how much is left over for your other items. As such, it’s advised to consider the nature of your trip first before deciding. Are you travelling for business or leisure? What activities do you intend to do while travelling? These are only a few of the questions that you need to ask yourself to narrow down your choices.

For instance, if preserving your experiences by taking photos is crucial to your plans, then it would be better to stow your camera equipment in a smaller personal bag instead of placing them inside your only carry-on. Otherwise, if you’re keener on experiencing your travels as-is and only want to take a few snaps here and there, your everyday smartphone is more than enough and all you’ll need to pack for it is its charger.

As an aside, since nearly everyone carries a smartphone these days, it’s advised to save the contact info of emergency services, such as an air ambulance in Singapore, in them and put them on speed dial.

Choose the optimal carry-on for your needs

Not all lengthy trips are the same. Thus, it’s best to choose a carry-on that will serve your needs well for the entirety of your journey. If your trip’s purpose is mainly to visit far-away friends or relatives, then perhaps a duffel bag or backpack will be sufficient enough to carry all your entertainment and clothing needs since you’ll most likely get your other everyday essentials from them.

Otherwise, if it’s leaning more towards the business side, either a soft or hard plastic roll-aboard would be ideal for storing some of your vital necessities, such as your laptop or suits and other professional outfits.

Pack the bare minimum

If you’re determined to travel with a single carry-on for your journey, you must therefore pack only the bare minimum and ensure that each item you bring has a purpose. A few of these indispensable items include clothing, hygiene consumables, and medicine. When it comes to considering your clothing and which fabrics to pack, a good tip would be to research the climate and expected weather conditions of your destination to guide your decision-making. If you’re hopping from one continent to another, then it’s advisable to choose the clothes that can serve you well under varying weather conditions.

Apart from clothing, the other essentials stated are those items that ensure your hygiene, such as soap and shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash, and the like. Regarding such consumables, it’s advised to bring only a few of them and give way for your other items since you can always restock on more along the way.

Lastly, a handy first-aid kit is a must-bring that should have its own place within your luggage. A well-stocked first-aid kit doesn’t translate to carrying boxes of medicine for all sorts of emergencies. It should instead house the essential medications that are relevant to your condition, such as your regular medication, pills for allergies, and remedies for common illnesses such as headaches and colds.

Additionally, it’s also recommended to store medical information that can help you out in the event that you encounter an emergency while travelling. Such information could include the location and contact details of nearby healthcare facilities or your agency’s medical assistance services number.


Travelling light is a skill you can master with a few techniques. This will save you time and teach you how to pack minimally with all the essentials. This list should make it easier to pack everything you need for your trip without the fear of overpacking!