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4 Tips To Pickpocket-Proof Yourself For Your Next Getaway

EMA Global - February 1, 2021 - 0 comments

There are many concerns that a traveller must address before they go on a trip, which includes: planning, safety, language barriers, finances, and so on. While the majority can be easily managed on your own, one can never be fully prepared during emergency medical situations. Hence, it’s crucial you know who to contact for medical evacuation and repatriation services.

But once your feet touch foreign ground, there are still more minor, albeit potentially catastrophic obstacles in your way. One of these obstacles to a perfect trip is pickpockets. Even though we’re already long past the age when pickpocketing was rampant in cities and tourist destinations, many still remain all over the globe.
While travelling at present may not be as unrestrictive as before due to the global pandemic, it is best to stay prepared and read these four tips to pickpocket-proof yourself and fly under the radar on your next vacation or local getaway.

Know the basics of the trade

Essentially, it all comes down to attention. Pickpockets possess a keen understanding that people can focus their attention at only one or two things at a time. It’s rare for a pickpocket to work alone, and thus they often work in pairs or groups. One side distracts you and takes away your attention while the other steals your valuables.

When you find yourself in an unexpected situation wherein something or someone takes away your notice, be prepared and regain your focus to avoid the worst.

Always be aware of your surroundings

First and foremost is to maintain awareness wherever you may be always. Profile the people you meet and assess them accordingly.

And while the persons you may initially be on the lookout for are those that look destitute in appearance, know that the experienced pickpocket is usually well-dressed. Their aim is to blend in the areas where they work so that they can get close to their targets as much as possible and escape their notice.

Throwing all assumptions out of the window is also advisable. Pickpockets nowadays are not predominantly comprised of men, but women and children too. Be on the lookout and stay alert at all times.

Keep a low profile

Tourists are a pickpocket’s primary prey. They are vulnerable targets, easy to spot due to telltale signs of their unfamiliarity with the area, and often have many valuables on hand.

It is advisable to dress like the locals to avoid looking like a tourist. Avoid wearing anything that makes yourself stand out, such as expensive watches, jewellery, and the like.
Also, gather as much information as you can about the place you’re headed to. Knowing the lay of the land and having a good idea of how to get there allows you to move like you’ve got your bearings.

Bring only the essentials in your wallet

Avoid lumping in all your credit cards and other financial valuables in a single place. Leave the cards and cash that aren’t needed for your excursion of the day and only bring what’s sufficient.
This saves you the trouble and hassle of cancelling stolen cards, including the regret of losing a large sum of cash in an instant.


Among the many things that can go awry and hamper one’s trip – one of them include missing belongings and cash. But with the right travel insurance package – this matter can be resolved. On the other hand, for more dire situations that require immediate attention, it’s important to engage a medical assistance company like EMA who’s able to provide an air ambulance and help with your case.

But there are setbacks that only you can prevent. So, keep these basics about pickpockets in mind and, if you wish to know more about their tactics, more in-depth research will definitely be beneficial.