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5 Different Types of Travelers: Which Describes You Best?

EMA Global - March 5, 2020 - 0 comments

There are many different types of travellers in this world, but have you ever figured out which one you might be? Before we take a look at some of the primary examples available, you should equip yourself with reliable travel insurance. No matter what type of traveller you are, it is always imperative to look out for medical evacuation and even an air ambulance in a new country. While travelling is fun, it can also be uncertain. You should always look to equip yourself in the case of any emergencies.

With safety taken care of, here are a few primary examples of travellers so that you know where you lie by the end of it all.

The groupies

Going by the name, it can be seen that these types of travellers usually move around in packs like wolves. They rarely go on trips alone, and love to travel together in the same group.

However, their preference for group travel does not limit their chance of travelling solo. In most cases, they usually have one person in the group who excites everyone else and is the typically the ‘leader’ of the pack, just like wolves.

The weekenders

With the week finally over, and the weekend right here, it is the best time to do just about anything. For some, it might be to relax with their family and enjoy reading novels and watching television. For others, it’s time to hit the road and travel.

The weekenders are a bunch of people who love taking every weekend opportunity as a getaway to travel to different places. Most of these individuals are very passionate about travel, which is why they will use any of their free time, outside of working hours, to travel. They are typically financially stable or have robust savings to support their adventurous lifestyle. Their main aim is to have the most fun possible, whenever they can, which is during the weekends.

The extremists

The extremists are the daredevils and thrill-seekers. They aim to travel to places that not many people are willing to visit. For instance, some will opt to hike up the tallest mountain, while others might visit a dangerous forest. Their bucket list is filled with fantastic on-the-edge tasks, and they are ready to chase down their thrills. You will rarely find an extremist basking in one of the white sandy beaches.

Functional travellers

Functional can refer to official or business-related. Such individuals mostly travel for work purposes, as opposed to having fun on the trip. They carry their laptops around and anything relevant to their work or duty. They will take occasional dives in the water and bask in the sun, but that’s not their primary aim. They aim to simply travel to meet up with potential business partners and prospects in a bid to strike new deals.


These travellers love to visit places during the holidays, mostly after a long work schedule. They take the chance to travel as an opportunity to relax and have fun with friends and family. They rarely travel outside of the designated holiday season.