Our Equipments

We’re equipped with a full-range of state-of-the-art portable medical equipment that includes defibrillators, intubation kits, a neonatal transport incubator with a built in ventilator, transport monitors, and everything else we need to make your journey home a safe one.

Drager Infinity Gamma XL

Zoll Propaq MD Defilibrator with Monitoring

Drager Infinity Gamma XL

Zoll Propaq MD Defilibrator with Monitoring


iSTAT Blood Gas Analyser

An ultra-portable blood analyser that produces lab-quality results on the move, enabling our medical escorts to rapidly make treatment decisions where necessary.


Zoll EMV 731

Portable critical care ventilator that supports paediatric patients as well. Enables pulse oximetry, continous and accurate SpO2 and pulse rate readings.

Philips Respironics Trilogy 202

Portable ventillator that provides consistent tidal volume delivery even during non-invasive or when cuff leaks are present. Propietry algorithim improves patient-ventilator synchrony by adjusting to breathing patterns and dynamic leaks.

Resmed Elisee 150 Ventilator

Portable ventillator for adults and children with acute or chronic respiratory conditions and for tracheostomy patients.


B.Braun IV Fluid Regulator

The syringe driver of choice of many acute hospitals, we take this on board with us on our missions.

Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)

Maquet Datascope CS300
The IABP machine is used in both ICU and operating room environments to support patients that have lost their heart function

Zoll Propaq MD Defilibrator with Monitoring

An ultra-lightweight airworthy monitor and defibrillator that provides advanced monitoring capabilities. The monitor enables us to manage 12 lead ECGs. It is also commonly used in military applications

Our Fleet

Through a partnership arrangement with our aviation partners, we have a combined fleet of 6 aircrafts. All of these 6 aircrafts are based in Singapore and are fitted out for use as air ambulances. These include a Learjet 35A, Learjet 45, Learjet 60 and Gulfstream 150.