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24 Hour Assistance
+65 6570 2552
For Assistance during Office Hours
+65 6753 9133
Our experienced Communications Specialists are standby to assist you with your medical assistance needs. You can depend on us to:
Arrange bed to bed medical transfers for critically ill or injured patients
Confirm bed bookings and patient acceptance with receiving hospitals
Provide fit-to-fly medical advice through our panel of doctors
Provide follow-up communications and status updates
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We are proud to be Asia Pacific’s first  EURAMI accredited provider and the only Singaporean accredited air ambulance provider for the IAG group.
Your family, in safe hands.
EMA Global is the leading Asia-Pacific medical assistance company specialising in aeromedical transfers.

To ensure your loved ones receive the best medical attention, we select only the best professionals who are trained to handle the intricacies and challenges of aeromedical transport. Our team comprises ICU specialists, pilots with thousands of flying hours, as well as patient and attentive customer service coordinators.
Leave the details to us
There are hundreds of processes involved within a single transportation, all of which we are familiar with. Our team of experienced experts possess the know-how to provide timely and safe transfers. We also place a premium on good communication, keeping patients informed and reassured every step of the way, because we know nothing is as valuable as peace of mind.
You have our
complete attention
We take great pains to make sure every patient’s journey is as comfortable as possible. Our team has been trained to handle just about every situation that can arise, always remaining courteous and patient.
When time isn’t
on your side, we are
We don’t take any timeline lightly. You can count on us to respond to all enquiries with lightning speed and pin-point accuracy.
How does it work?
the pickup
EMA Global recognises that a patient's condition is dynamic, which is why we ensure our medical escorts are briefed according to real-time information.

Upon arrival at the patient's bedside, we get a final update from the treating doctors of any changes to the treatment plan. Any pre-emptive medical procedures are performed prior to leaving the hospital.
Our dedicated and attentive medical team will escort you in an ambulance to the next airport, with safety and comfort as our top priorities. You and your family will also be given timely status update throughout the entire journey. We allocate staff with the most relevant local knowledge, to minimise pitfalls such as road closures or traffic jams. Should the need arise, our team will also be able to facilitate special arrangements like police escort services.
Once at the airport, our staff will facilitate your seamless transition from ground transport to one of our waiting jets. Attention to detail and flexibility in dynamic and complex situations are all essential in preventing any delay in your journey home or to your next medical destination.
air Ambulance
Throughout your flight, you’ll be under the experienced, watchful eye of your medical escort(s), who will provide close monitoring, who will work around the clock to prevent any deterioration of your condition.
Upon arrival to the airport closest to your destination hospital, you’ll be escorted to your admission via ambulance.
Once at the hospital, you will be received safe and sound by the medical staff. But our job doesn’t end there. As part of our professional due diligence, and personal commitment to all our patients, our staff will remain available for follow-ups with family and/or caregivers to ensure continuity of care.

Case Studies

Home Is Where The Heart Is


When Roger Brankton arrived in Singapore take part in a charity basketball event, he had only happy thoughts – do a good deed and enjoy the game! But the affable young man got more than he bargained for. Roger sustained C5/6 spine dislocation during the game. It was one of those freak accidents and he ended up with extreme flexion/extension injury to his cervical spine. The treating physician showed that there was a C5/6 posterior fracture and unstable spinal column.

The Situation

Roger underwent a posterior fixation and stabilization and was extubated the next day. Assessment showed complete paralysis of the right upper arm while the left arm was able to perform some horizontal movements. Although he was, undoubtedly, receiving excellent care in Singapore, arrangements were made for Roger to be repatriated to London. Home is, as they say, where the heart is. Especially so when one has met with an unfortunate accident.

EMA GLOBAL To The Rescue

In order to get him back to London in the shortest time possible, without having to spend too much time on transit, a wing-to-wing transfer at Athens was arranged. This means that one air ambulance was used to transport him from Singapore to Rome where another air ambulance with its own medical team would be waiting to take him home to London. Using only one air ambulance would mean having to spend time in Rome for the flight crew to take their mandatory rest time.


Prior to departure, EMA GLOBAL’s Medical Director and a senior nurse, together with the medical escort team, made one final assessment to ensure he was fit to take such an arduous journey. Roger, by that time, was able to sit up (albeit with a neck collar) and appears to be comfortable and was able to participate in the discussion. He had a slight fewer at that time (37.5 degree C) and still had some retained secretions in the upper airway but fortunately, that was not enough to jeopardize his tidal respiration. Vital signs then showed a HR 60/min, BP 150/70 with oxygen saturation at 97%. And the good news – he was eating normally.The medical escort team felt that he should be re-intubated and ventilate him for the repatriation. EMA GLOBAL’s Medical Director strongly recommended against this, highlighting the fact that the patient was a young man of only 22, had showed a lot of motivation to breathe on his own. In addition, his vital signs were normal. Other factors supporting his recommendation against intubation included:ABG done at room air showed PaO2 86 mmHg with normal pH and CO2. The air ambulance was equipped with nasal BIPAP to support him on flight if necessary. Endo tracheal tube would be most uncomfortable for him, requiring massive sedation. The medical escort then agreed that the patient need not be re-intubated for the flight to London.

The Outcome

The repatriation was uneventful. Whilst the abdominal binder was kept on throughout the flight home, the neck collar was released after take-off and re-applied before landing. The patient was sedated with Lexotan throughout the flight. Vital signs were normal and the oxygen saturation was above 96% with intranasal oxygen at 1.2L/min.

In The Face of Innumerable Obstacles

The Situation

When you are on holiday in a beautiful and romantic setting, the last thing you expect is a medical emergency. But that was exactly what happened to James O’Reilly who was on his first trip to the Maldives. Walking on the beach in knee deep water, he suffered a very deep cut and started to bleed profusely. By the time he was taken to the Indira Memorial Hospital on Male, he had lost a lot of blood and was in shock. The tissue-deep laceration needed 12 stitches.

The Situation

EMA GLOBAL was contacted and after an evaluation with James’ treating doctor during which it was revealed that he was diabetic, a decision was made to evacuate him to Singapore.

EMA GLOBAL To The Rescue

Just about 3 hours after EMA GLOBAL received the first call, an air-ambulance was airborne, with a medical team comprising an ICU-trained doctor and a nurse. Arriving in Male about 6 hours later, the medical team was whisked past immigration and taken to the hospital to assess the patient. James was still weak from loss of blood, running a high fever but his voice was barely audible. But at least he was stable so the team proceeded to prepare him for the evacuation. The flight to Singapore, with the patient under the constant care of the medical team was uneventful. As soon as the air-ambulance landed at Seletar, James was transferred to a waiting road-ambulance and admitted to the Gleneagles Hospital.

The Outcome

James was discharged barely four days later and repatriated to London with just a nurse escort. He confided to the medical team which took care of him that he is preparing to resume his disrupted holidays very soon.

We are sure the staff at the resort he was staying in will lay out the red carpet for his return!

When the Unexpected Happens

The Situation

Newly-weds, Richard Toh and his bride, Emily had planned their honeymoon months ahead. And of course, it has to be in the most romantic place – Paradise on Earth – the Maldives. Unfortunately, Richard became very ill on the third day. He was severely constipated and started vomiting and running a very high fever. The resort staff arranged for him to see a doctor on Male Island where he was diagnosed with “possible intestinal contusion”. EMA GLOBAL was then contacted and a lengthy evaluation via a conference call was conducted. EMA GLOBAL concurred with the treating doctor in Male but felt that there could be a risk of perforation. It was during this evaluation that Richard revealed that he was playing football a day before he departed for his honeymoon and that during the game, he was kicked in the stomach by another player. EMA GLOBAL immediately launched an air ambulance to take him back to Singapore before further complication sets in.

EMA GLOBAL To The Rescue

Upon reached Male, the medical escort team comprising a gastroentologist and a nurse went immediately to assess the patient. The fever had not subsided. The team called back to EMA GLOBAL to consult with our medical panel who felt that the risk of perforation was very real and instructed the team to depart for Singapore immediately. That decision was probably the best wedding present the newly-weds have received for when they reached the receiving facility in Singapore, a scan confirmed that there was indeed a perforation.

The Outcome

Richard underwent emergency surgery which went very well. Four days later he was moved out of ICU where the medical escort team paid him a visit. He was sleeping but a grateful, Mrs.Toh thanked the team profusely, adding that Richard’s first words when he woke up after the surgery were “Sweetheart, let us go back to the Maldives and continue with the honeymoon!” What he did not know was that the resort manager had called up Mrs.Toh to ask after him and promised a complimentary stay when the couple was ready to resume their honeymoon!

Against All Odds

The Situation

Patient from Bangkok, diagnosed with severe heart and lung failure, was admitted to the Singapore General Hospital. Further complications resulted in a deterioration of his condition resulting in the inability of both organs to function. Patient was then put on the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine, a state-of-the-art medical equipment (commonly known by its acronym ECMO) designed to provide both organs with cardiac and respiratory support oxygen to the patient.

EMA GLOBAL To The Rescue

A month after admission, patient was advised by the treating doctors to return to Bangkok for continuation of treatment while waiting for a heart transplant. That was when EMA GLOBAL was first contacted by patient’s family with a request for a medical repatriation.


Preparation for the repatriation was arduous, particularly the delicate task of transferring the patient from the hospital’s ECMO to the mobile unit. And the road ambulance transfer from the hospital to the airport took a full two hours with the medical team keeping watch on the ECMO for any sign of distress from the patient. Finally the air ambulance took off for Bangkok.

The Outcome

It was an uneventful flight. Patient was transferred to a medical facility on arrival in Bangkok and just over 3 months later, he underwent a very successful heart transplant.

Against all odds, patient was given a new lease of life.

Medical Director of EMA GLOBAL with ECMO team members

An Unexpected Medical Event

The Situation

Living and building a career in the exotic Far East has been the dream of British man, Michael Moore. Michael had been doing just that in Singapore for the past 20 years when an unexpected medical situation turned his dream into a nightmare.

In November 2015, Michael suddenly exhibited severe weakness in his lower limbs. He was hospitalised, where his condition deteriorated while undergoing a series of tests. Michael was diagnosed with an idiopathic neuro-muscular disease causing him to lose control of all four limbs.

Michael’s family decided to repatriate him home to Brighton, United Kingdom for long term rehabilitative care. Michael consulted his insurer and his insurer agreed to cover the cost of his repatriation.

EMA GLOBAL To The Rescue

Michael’s insurer subsequently entrusted the complex and difficult mission of repatriating Michael to EMA GLOBAL. When EMA GLOBAL took on the case, arrangements were made for an experienced medical escort to provide bedside-to-beside care for Michael from Singapore to Brighton.

The Journey on Commercial Aircraft

Having lost control of all four limbs, Michael would literally slide down and slip off his wheelchair. The frustrations turned the once very affable patient into an aggressive and abusive personality. A direct flight to Heathrow Airport was selected for this reason followed by a 6 hour transfer via land ambulance to a NHS hospital in Brighton.

During the 13 hour flight to London, Michael was made as comfortable as possible, lying down on a flat bed, and propped up with lots of pillows, and kept snug and warm with blankets. A special request was also asked of the flight crew to allow him to lie down all the way, even during landing at Heathrow.

Michael remained confused most of the time, despite taking the prescribed medications. He would at times be out of control, shouting and cursing. EMA GLOBAL’s medical escort had predicted this behaviour and ensured that his wife and the cabin crew were briefed on the best way to manage Michael and the situation.

With EMA GLOBAL managing the tense situation, Michael would calm down rapidly after a flare up. This initiative helped smoothen the long journey as Michael’s wife, unable to cope with both her husband’s illness and change in personality, started to exhibit signs of depression.

Arrival at Heathrow Airport

Upon arrival at Heathrow Airport, EMA GLOBAL discovered that the wheelchair assigned to Michael was completely unsuitable for a patient in his condition. The wheelchair was very narrow and did not have a single strap to secure a patient to the chair. This would be unsuitable for Michael who would slip off the chair. With Michael constantly slipping from the chair and his flailing limbs, it was going to be yet another long journey to Immigration and the Arrival hall.

However, resourcefulness saved the day when EMA GLOBAL’s medical escort decided to utilise a long scarf and three pieces of long plastic bags as props to secure Michael to the wheelchair. Although unconventional, this worked and the team finally made it through the Arrival hall where the ambulance crew awaited.

The Journey on the Ambulance

The ambulance crew wheeled Michael to the ambulance and transferred him to a stretcher for the long journey to Brighton. During the 6 hour ride, Michael was once again very restless and confused, and aggressive. He even refused assistance when he threatened to slip sideways off the stretcher. EMA GLOBAL’s medical escort once again handled the patient firmly and gently and managed to get the situation under control.

The Outcome

Finally after a long arduous journey, the team reached the receiving hospital where they were met by Michael's very anxious and loving parents. Michael’s wife was exceedingly relieved and grateful that EMA GLOBAL had managed to reach Brighton safely. Michael’s wife expressed her gratefulness for the comfort, reassurance and professionalism for EMA GLOBAL during the journey.

Singapore will be waiting for Michael Moore to return and continue building his future.


"This could have potentially been a fruitless task had the patient been evacuated using a different provider."

Airlifting a critical patient


As soon as the patient went on the ventilator the possibility of evacuation to Singapore was being considered – primarily because of the relatively poor medical facilities in Maldives. A simple web search yielded EMA Global as one of the better Singaporean parties, and their response to the request for options, emailed at 0130 Singapore time, was almost immediate. Three emails later a ballpark figure of the overall cost was offered, and within 4 hours two options were offered along with ETAs for each.             
However, a firm decision to airlift the patient remained pending until the patient’s doctor in Singapore was consulted. Upon consultation, the patient’s doctor ordered his immediate evacuation and recommended EMA Global as the provider. This reaffirmed that EMA Global’s web presence was on par with their reputation. Additionally, because they had readily provided options upon inquiry, confirmation of the evacuation simply meant the choosing of one of these options.                                                  

Also noteworthy is EMA Global’s assertion on preparing the paperwork for the operation even before the mission parameters were agreed upon. This could have potentially been a fruitless task had the patient been evacuated using a different provider. This diligence meant that within 20 hours from acceptance of the mission parameters, the flight touched down in Maldives.  
The doctor and nurse whom EMA Global tasked to the operation were the best one could hope for. Both remained unequivocally professional throughout the many challenges posed by a hospital hampered by mediocre policies. Despite the heat and a challenging sea journey, which is currently unavoidable in reaching the airport from the capital city, the team ensured the patient’s safety.     
No more than 6 hours passed after taking off from Maldives before the patient arrived at the hospital in Singapore, in the same condition as he was when he was moved from the hospital in Maldives. In total, it took less than 36 hours from the time the decision was made to airlift the patient to Singapore. Most importantly, the patient now has a chance of surviving life­ threatening medical complications, which would likely have not been appropriately treated at the hospital in Maldives.

Appreciation for Dr. Eric, from Eric


Thank you for the follow ­up and I look forward to hearing more about his test results.                                                  

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the physician and nurse on the aircraft. I can't recall the physician's last name at the moment, but his first name is Eric (like me!). Please pass on his last name if available.                                                  

The physician and nurse are highly professional, pleasant and polite to talk with, and demonstrate excellent medical care. They appropriately expressed concern about the patient's breathing and airway and we all mutually decided to intubate the patient before boarding the flight. This was accomplished successfully through teamwork (BHC medical staff working together with the flight medical staff), which prevented in­flight breathing emergencies for the patient.                                              

This is the second time I have worked with "Dr. Eric", and both interactions have been very professional. I would be pleased to work with him again in the future. I request that my gratitude and appreciation be forwarded to his company and to him."

Our Network

EMA Global has built an extensive network of medical facilities, receiving hospitals, and assistance companies worldwide.

EMA Global is also part of the International Assistance Group (IAG), an alliance of over 140 independent assistance companies, service providers and correspondents located across 6 continents. We are the sole service provider for Singapore.

Through our own network coverage as well as through the IAG, we are able to perform transport missions and medical assistance services in the following regions:
Wing-to-wing options available in UAE, Japan, and Alaska
North America
North America
Middle East


Q. When will I require an air ambulance?
Patients that need to be transported long distances and require life support and/or are unable to sit upright in a commercial airliner will require an air ambulance. Some of the patients EMA GLOBAL typically transports on an air ambulance include:
  • patients injured or taken ill while on vacation needing to be flown home;
  • patients with serious medical conditions needing transportation to a medical centre that has capabilities unavailable locally;
  • chronically-ill patients who want to relocate closer to family members; and
Q. How much notice or advance time is required to make flight arrangements for the patient?
Flights can be scheduled the same day as the initial phone call. If you need an urgent transportation, please contact our Careline immediately and we will start making the appropriate travel arrangements.
Q. What does "bedside to bedside" medical transport mean?
To ensure continuity of care and service, EMA GLOBAL's medical team is with the patient from the very beginning and stays with the patient for the entire journey. Our team meets with the patient at the discharging facility and stays with the patient on the flight and until arrival at the receiving facility. EMA GLOBAL's medical team will also brief the receiving medical team to ensure they are up to date on the patient's current condition.
Q. What type of medical escorts does EMA GLOBAL provide?
Quality of care is our top priority. Typically, an ICU-trained flight nurse and physician attend to the patient on-board the aircraft. Staffing is determined after discussion among our medical panel. If warranted by the patient's medical condition, respiratory therapists, paediatric and neonatal physicians, or perfusionists will be staffed.
Q. Do you have the capability to supply a neonatal or paediatric team to transport infants and small children?
Yes, our medical specialist teams are trained neonatal and paediatric physicians and nurses and are equipped to take care of infants in incubators.
Q. Is EMA GLOBAL able to transport premature babies?
A. When premature babies are born earlier than expected they are particularly vulnerable and sensitive as not all of their bodily functions are fully developed. As such they need a warm environment, because they are not yet able to regulate their body temperature in the same way as adults do. To achieve this, they are placed into special incubators. If necessary, they can be artificially respirated and given infusions. If premature babies need to be transported from one hospital to another, it is vital that they receive continuous treatment and medical care. EMA GLOBAL uses special transport incubators that have been designed to allow babies to be treated under constant conditions and without interruption.
Q. What assurances are there that the aircraft is safe?
All of the air ambulances EMA GLOBAL use for medical transportation are registered in Australia and are based at Seletar Airport. These air ambulances are regulated by the Australian Civil Aviation Civil Authority (CASA). They enforce very stringent regulations that outline pilot training and aircraft operation and maintenance. EMA GLOBAL ensures that all of our air ambulances meets or exceeds all of these guidelines. In addition, all of EMA GLOBAL's air ambulances are designed and equipped for all weather operation and have outstanding safety records.
Q.  What do I need to prepare for before the medical transport flight?
The patient and all the accompanying passengers should have a valid passport and applicable visa. You need to decide on the date of medical transfer, the destination medical facility and the receiving physician of your choice. EMA GLOBAL offers assistance in selecting the choice of medical facility and treating physician.
Q. Can a family member come with the patient on board the air ambulance?
Up to three family members or companions are welcome to accompany the patient on the air ambulance flight. However please understand that the patient will always be the first priority and the following factors will have to be taken into account when deciding whether to let a family member on-board:
  • condition of patient
  • whether any special medical equipment which takes up extra space is required to be brought on-board the aircraft
  • whether additional medical escorts are required
  • whether there is seat availability.
Q. How long is the flight?
Flight times depend on the type of aircraft used, distance to the destination and changes in weather. We will be able to provide you with an estimate of the duration of your flight once all preliminary information is received.
Q.  How much luggage can I bring?
Please refer to EMA GLOBAL's policy on baggage under the "Baggage Policy" section of our site.
Q. Are meals served on the air ambulance?
Yes, we offer catered meals for family members and for patients if indicated. We will also try our best to accommodate special diets and requests.
Q. When was EMA GLOBAL founded?
EMA GLOBAL (originally Express Medical Assistance) was established in 1995 to provide medical evacuations and repatriation services. For more information please visit the "About Us" section of our website.
Q. Where is EMA GLOBAL's headquarters?
Our headquarters and 24/7 Alarm Centre is located at Farrer Park Medical Centre, #15-18 Farrer Park Medical Centre, 1 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217562. In Singapore, we also have premises at the following locations:
Hospital (Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre)
3 Mount Elizabeth #15-05, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510
Administrative & Flight Operations Office
#08-34 A 'Posh Bizhub, 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Singapore 768160

Q. How do I apply for a job at EMA GLOBAL?
Please visit the "Careers" section of our website to access information on career opportunities.
Q. What services does EMA GLOBAL offer?
We provide worldwide medical evacuation and repatriation services as well as medical assistance for travellers abroad. We also offer pre-travel medical advice, medical concierge services as well as medical services, including medical evaluation and medical monitoring. We also offer a Membership program for frequent travellers.
Q. What is a medical evacuation?
A medical evacuation is a medical-assisted transportation of a patient from one location to another for emergency medical treatment. A medical evacuation moves the patient from a facility that is inadequate for treatment to a facility that is better suited to give the patient the most appropriate medical care.
Q. What is your geographical coverage and network?
EMA GLOBAL offers air ambulance transfers to destinations worldwide. We can arrange for our medical team to transport the patient on a long-range aircraft or as a more cost-effective solution, arrange for a stretcher to be placed on a commercial aircraft. EMA GLOBAL has evacuated patients from Singapore, Guam, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America and many other countries throughout the world.
Q. How much does a medical evacuation on an air ambulance cost?
The cost of an air ambulance evacuation is dependent on several factors. Among which is the location of the patient, the evacuation destination and the type of air ambulance available at that point of time. Other factors include the specialisation of the medical escorts and the medical equipment needed for the evacuation.

To provide an accurate quote, we require the patient’s medical report before we can determine the actual cost of a medical evacuation. For assistance, please call our

Careline at +6570 2552 for a quote.
Q. Will the cost of the air ambulance transport be covered by my insurance?
Most travel insurance products include coverage for medical evacuation. However, as we are not in the insurance business, we are not equipped to provide you with a comprehensive answer. Please check with your insurer on coverage details, especially with regard to terms, conditions and exclusions of your policy.
Q. What form of payment does EMA GLOBAL accept?
A. We accept payment by cash, bank transfer and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Unionpay, JCB, American Express).

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