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Heading to Japan? Here Are Tips To Ensure The Best Holiday

EMA Global - October 5, 2022 - 0 comments

Heading to Japan? Here Are Tips To Ensure The Best HolidayFor those who are Japanophiles, good news, as Japan is set to open freely for the first time since the COVID pandemic. From 11 October onwards, travellers from the 68 countries that enjoy a Visa Waiver Agreement with Japan can continue entering the country without a Visa or ERFS certificate for up to 30 days. These countries include Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and the United States, to name a few. For a detailed list of Visa-exempt countries, we recommend checking out the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for more information.

If you are from those 68 countries, flying to Japan seems rather straightforward. The country enjoys a solid track record of safety and security, and by throwing in the well-known Japanese hospitality, travellers are set to have a memorable experience in the land of the rising sun. However, this does not mean you can skip out on researching and doing your due diligence before stepping foot in Japan.

Since tourists have not been to Japan for over two and a half years, there may be some laws or regulations that have changed that we are unaware of. New travellers may also make common tourist mistakes that can not only jeopardise their trip but also cause ire among locals and other tourists.

As such, it will be beneficial to know and adhere to these tips and tricks to ensure a safe, peaceful, and thoroughly delightful holiday in Japan.

1. Purchase tickets in advance

This applies to tourists who are planning to hit the famous attractions and landmarks in Japan, especially if these attractions are situated in popular prefectures and cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hokkaido. While the foot traffic depends on the season you are visiting and other unforeseen factors, you do not want to waste your time queuing for tickets. In worst-case scenarios, you may even have to miss out on the attractions entirely due to the tickets being sold out. This is why pre-purchasing your tickets in advance is necessary to avoid disappointment.

2. Discover hidden gems

Many tourists surely know the likes of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, Mount Fuji, the Itsukushima Shrine, and Osaka Castle, but that is not all Japan has to offer. Japan boasts one of the most unique cultural heritage that is not reflected elsewhere in the world, so you should take this opportunity to explore the various offerings that show off their customs and traditions. There are many events and activities that promise tourists an authentic Japanese experience and allow them to take the road less travelled. We are talking about traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, sushi-making classes, sumo tournaments, and many more.

3. Learn about Japanese etiquette rules

It should come as no surprise that Japanese people are a friendly and caring bunch. However, this is only possible as they follow many cultural dos and don’ts in their society. No one wants to be an annoying tourist and stand out from the crowd in a negative way, so taking the extra time and effort to learn about Japanese manners is worth it. Some of the familiar “unspoken” rules include not speaking loudly while on the train, not waving chopsticks while talking, not littering, and not wearing shoes indoors.

4. Rent a pocket wifi or purchase a SIM card

As one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Japan is extremely well-connecte, and you can easily find free wifi in hotels, restaurants, and public spaces, though this may not always be the case for those planning to visit mountainous and less populated areas. There will definitely be times when you would have to stay in touch with family and friends or check for directions. Therefore, to prevent suffering from high data roaming charges or being unconnected, a pocket wifi or SIM card can come in handy.

5. Purchase travel insurance

Facing setbacks is by far the worst thing that can occur while on holiday and will no doubt dampen your mood. The unfortunate thing is that no one can see these setbacks happening. Whether it is lost luggage, damaged possessions, cancelled hotel bookings, or falling sick, these situations cannot truly be foretold and will prevent you from enjoying your much-needed holiday. Because of this, purchasing travel insurance is very much an essential step before heading for your trip.


As you are getting yourself covered with travel insurance and equipped with the above-mentioned tips, why not take this time to acquire medical evacuation services as well? This is especially important if you are planning to go on outdoor or adventure trips around Japan, such as hiking, canyoning, and recreational fishing. All these activities can potentially put you at harm, and considering that they are usually located on the outskirts, finding medical help can be difficult when required.

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