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The Pickup
Departure Airport
Ambulance Flight
Destination Airport
How does it work?
EMA Global recognises that a patient’s condition is dynamic one. That's why we always make sure our staff are briefed according to real-world information that it comes in, getting the most real-time assessment of the situation before we meet the patient face-to-face.

Planning is only finalised after actual contact is made, and a bedside assessment has been conducted.
Our dedicated and attentive medical team will escort you in an ambulance to the next airport, with your safety and comfort as top priorities. You and your family will also be given timely status updates along your entire journey. We allocate staff with the most relevant local knowledge, to avoid pitfalls such as road closures or traffic jams. Should the need arise, they will also be able to facilitate specialised arrangements like police escort services.
Once at the airport, our staff will facilitate your seamless transition from ground transport to one of our waiting jets. Attention to detail and flexibility in dynamic and complex situations are all essential in preventing any delay in your journey home or your next medical destination.
Ambulance Flight
Throughout your flight, you’ll be under the experienced, watchful eye of your medical escort(s), who will provide close monitoring, who will work around the clock to prevent any deterioration of your condition.
Destination Airport
Upon arrival to the closest airport, you’ll be escorted via ambulance to the nearest hospital.
Once at the hospital, you will be received safe and sound by the medical staff. But our job doesn’t end there. As part of our professional due diligence, and personal commitment to all our patients, our staff will remain available for follow-ups with family and/or caregivers to ensure continuity of care.