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Important Advice All Solo Female Travellers Should Know

EMA Global - February 7, 2023 - 0 comments

Important Advice All Solo Female Travellers Should Know

It’s rather universally accepted that solo travelling is an experience everyone should undergo at least once in their lives. In fact, it’s safe to say that solo travel is a rite of passage. If you consider yourself an adventurous individual and would love to see the world, solo travel is an option you should seriously consider. You no longer have to wait for anyone to travel alongside you, which can be tricky due to different schedules and commitments.

However, women may find the idea of solo travel daunting. From not knowing how to properly plan a solo trip to the potential dangers one may face while travelling, solo travel does come with its disadvantages. That being said, as long as you follow these tips listed below, you can look forward to a solo travelling experience like no other and stay safe at the same time!

1. Pack light

This is the number one rule you should follow even before you board the flight. Packing light means you have more freedom and mobility to move around, and the chance of losing any personal objects decreases. We recommend packing whatever you need in just two carry-on bags – cabin luggage and a tote bag or backpack.

2. Opt for a hostel

Not all hostels are shabby and dodgy. Through sufficient research, you can find some amazing hostels located at great locations or are women-only, which may be a source of comfort and ease for you. Solo travellers tend to stay in a hostel due to its sociable environment, encouraging you to make friends with other travellers as well. The relationships you form with other travellers can contribute to a safer living space and curb any feelings of loneliness.

3. Research the place you’re visiting

One of the biggest mistakes a traveller can make is to visit a country without being aware of its culture, rules, and customs. It’s critical to know that every country is different, so to avoid attracting negative attention while in public, it would be good to research the places you’re visiting beforehand. Viewing walking tours on YouTube and reading travel blogs can be more useful than you think, as it allows you to gain some insider tips to make your travelling experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.

4. Avoid oversharing

Living in this digital age means we tend to share our locations online on social media. For those travelling alone, this simple action can be dangerous as it can enable strangers to get close to you. This advice applies when you’re meeting new people as well. In terms of posting photos or videos on social media, we recommend doing so once you’re in the safety of your accommodation or have moved on to another place.

5. Be conscious of your surroundings

Last but not least, try not to let your guard down during your travels. From using your phone to walking along the streets, make sure you are aware of what’s around you and the people you are with at that time. Having street smarts is an absolute necessity for any solo travellers, especially women.


Even though you should adhere to all these tips, you should also not forget to have fun. Travelling is and will always be a relaxing experience, so go ahead and make the most out of your time by doing some sightseeing, taking part in activities you love, and encountering various cultures and people.

For better safety precautions, you may want to arm yourself with a good medical evacuation plan, such as securing an air ambulance in Singapore like the ones provided by EMA Global. This ensures that you will receive the appropriate care and attention in the event of an emergency. Reach out to us here for a quote!