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Safety First

Beyond a stellar medical track record, every member of EMA Global’s team of dedicated staff are rigorously trained with one main objective – safety.

Beyond a stellar medical track record, every member of EMA Global’s team of dedicated staff are rigorously trained with one main objective – safety. From planning to pick up and delivery, safety is our paramount concern. On board our air ambulance transport, we practice strict Safety First Policy for both our Passengers and Crew Members on board.

Patient Safety

Medical Repatriation

EMA Global’s medical escorts include experienced healthcare personnel and physicians who are constantly prepared to fly on short notice and help evacuate patients to medical facilities and destinations while providing the appropriate medical care. With work experience in a hospital setting, our medical escorts have the relevant hands-on experience in the treatment and care for patients that is required in a medical evacuation and repatriation situation. Similar to medical personnel providing care in a hospital, our medical escorts at EMA Global stay up-to-date with the latest and current medical knowledge. They also participate in Continuing Medical Education (CME), which involves compulsory educational activities designed to regularly develop, maintain, and expand the knowledge, professional performance and skills of our medical team.

Our training regimen is mandatory, and this enables us to provide quality care to every transported patient with the latest medical knowledge, techniques and equipment.
Our ICU-trained medical escorts are required to meet these standards:

1. 3 to 5 years of experience in ICU
2. Basic Life Support (BLS)
3. Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
4. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
5. Advanced Trauma Physiology Course
6. Advanced Airway Management Class
7. Active licenses

Flight Safety

Medical Repatriation Singapore

Our pilots are equipped with thousands of hours of flight experience and undergo extensive training annually, including ongoing training in every six months. Our pilots partake in a risk-assessment analysis prior to every medical flight, so as to be prepared for potential challenges and circumstances that may arise. All of our pilots exceed Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) training requirements and are highly skilled in assisting our medical escorts. They also go through initial and recurrent training via professional pilot training programs.

EURAMI Standards

Medical Evacuation EURAMI

EMA Global is the only medical assistance provider in Singapore and the Asia region that is fully accredited by the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI). The accreditation covers every part of EMA Global’s operations, such as patient care and aircraft certifications, ensuring that all operations are carried out with utmost safety.


In order to be accredited with EURAMI, it is mandatory for medical assistance providers to go through an extensive analysis of their procedures and processes that are related to patient medical care, staff training, patient and flight documentation, daily operations and ongoing aircraft maintenance. EURAMI maintains strict accreditation standards for its member companies to promote excellence and quality in worldwide aeromedical services. Since 2013, EMA Global has proudly held EURAMI accreditation.

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