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Solo Travel: How It Can Encourage Individual Growth

EMA Global - June 25, 2019 - 0 comments

Travel is synonymous with new experiences, exploration, and wonderment. Travel can also present both expected and unexpected opportunities for introspection and personal growth. People who are able to travel a lot often share how much of a difference it makes and how different they are now as compared to before. While they may not always be able to pinpoint how specifically they have changed, they are able to acknowledge that something within them has been awakened or nurtured.

Solo travel will take the feelings above and elevate them to new heights, as travelling by yourself enables you to experience growth as an individual without another person to distract you. While this may seem scary at first, you would be surprised at the impact it can have on your development.

Below, we’ll explore some of the ways how solo travel can encourage individual growth.

Brim with confidence

As a solo traveller, every decision abroad relies on your own judgement and decision-making skills as you will only be able to rely on yourself and not depend on someone else. While this may seem terrifying, it is actually where the beauty of solo travel emerges. When you succeed at resolving a problem by yourself, the pride and self-affirmation you feel are much more meaningful, boosting your confidence. In addition, you will feel more prepared for future travels and be ready to deal with the associated concerns such as lodging, finances, medical evacuations, and many more by yourself.

It can be daunting to face unexpected problems while travelling solo, but rest assured that being able to handle them by yourself will grant you unshakeable confidence that will permeate into everything you do, even when you’re back home. After all, confidence is the trait that empowers you to achieve many things in life.

Broadening your perspectives

The myriad of cultures that you are exposed to when you travel will allow you to feel it even more deeply when you experience them alone. The experience can be especially potent if you visit countries which has a different culture than your home country. For example, it can be eye-opening to see how a Nepalese Hindu monk goes about their day free from technology and the stress of the rat race, or how Icelandic farmers tend to their crops in a colder climate, or even how students in other countries learn in school.

Travelling alone opens your eyes and mind to the realisation that there are so many perspectives beyond just the one that we experience daily, with much more people to meet and a long list of places that awaits us.

Mentality shift

The daily routine of our lives can narrow our perspectives and make us focus only on our own experiences and struggles. Travelling, especially travelling alone, enables you to empathise with different approaches and habits to living life. Knowing that there are more significant struggles that other people experience in their lives may help you to approach your own set of problems with a brand new mentality; you deal with the stresses of life with renewed vigour, as you now realise that there is so much more to life than simply feeling mentally caged in with your doubts and fears.

While it’s different for each of us, travelling solo grants a lot of beneficial growth for our mind and spirit. What’s certain though is that it can be a humbling and nourishing experience that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.