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The Ultimate Guide To Solo Travelling For All Introverts

EMA Global - December 15, 2021 - 0 comments

The Ultimate Guide To Solo Travelling For All Introverts

Solo travelling can seem like the epitome of independence for people of all ages. With it comes the thrill of exploring a new place, seeing new sights and often a time and place for soul searching and reflection. But is solo travelling an activity only made for extroverts? We say no! While solo travelling might seem daunting for introverts having to step out of their comfort zones, there are many unique challenges and treats to be enjoyed if one knows what to expect.

Solo travel would need you to develop social skills

In contrast to common belief, introverts aren’t necessarily loners. As a matter of fact, they can very much enjoy social situations, albeit not as much as extroverts. They might still enjoy meeting locals, participating in group activities or even travelling with other people (fellow introverts, maybe) as well.

However, many introverts also take it as a chance to slowly step out of their comfort zone while in a new land, doing things they might not otherwise do in their daily lives. Whether it is asking for directions, asking someone to help with taking a picture or chatting up the locals, it might even be the most exciting and courageous thing an introvert might do in their entire trip.

While there are some tips for anyone planning their next solo trip on a budget, here are some exclusive pointers for introverts to take note of so that they can have the best possible solo trip of their dreams.

Book the right accommodation

Lodging can be the most significant part of any trip, even more so for the introvert, depending on what they are looking for. From a solo accommodation to a homestay with locals or even bunking with other backpackers, your nightly respite can either be a soulful refuge after an entire day of socializing or a chance to step out of your comfort zone to meet new people. Some introverts opt for both choices, starting with the opportunity to meet new people before ending their last few nights in a room by themselves to wind down before heading home. Whatever the case is, preparing yourself and having the right mindset would allow you to enjoy and make the most out of your choice of accommodation.

Preparing points of conversation

Many people might scoff at the thought of preparing things to talk about, but do you know even the most seasoned speakers or conversationalists have a ‘script’ prepared? Of course, it might not be a point by point presentation, but having a rough idea of how your usual conversations would turn out can minimize awkwardness and pauses. This not only helps you feel and appear more confident, but you can also prepare various exciting topics to share beforehand. While this might not make you a ‘professional’ speaker overnight, it helps you enjoy the quality conversations you have with the people you get to meet. Maybe it’s a unique armband, a striking pair of shoes or perhaps even a local attire that you’ve bought from a street vendor – they might even be the ones to approach you when they know you’re a tourist!

Connect with the locals

There are many opportunities to connect with the locals. From homestays and Airbnb’s to participating in guided tours and even chatting up the locals, you are bound to meet different faces along the journey. Many volunteers are willing to meet new people, introduce them to their culture, and show you around the city. Homestays can be more comfortable as you can check hosts’ ratings and see what they have planned, checking out the things that you are more inclined to participate in and are more excited about.

Prepare ahead of time

Being well prepared can give you peace of mind to enjoy your trips from various guidebooks, planned itineraries, and gadgets. Having a selfie stick or tripod can often be a lifesaver for introverts, especially when we can’t find an approachable stranger or when we feel a little reserved that day. Knowing various landmarks and directions can help you navigate the city better, easing the anxiety one feels when lost in a new location. Whatever it is, being well prepared is never a bad thing!


It’s never easy to travel alone, and it can be a milestone for anyone who has survived their first solo trip. It is even more so for the introvert as they have to survive a whole trip in a strange and foreign land. Still, various preparations such as knowing which medical assistance services to be contacted should be memorized and available for quick access in the event of a medical evacuation. Safety comes first and foremost, giving you the confidence to enjoy your best solo vacation.