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Travelling By Air: Safety Tips When Flying With Kids

EMA Global - July 23, 2019 - 0 comments

Looking after yourself while you are travelling is already a huge responsibility. And having to bring your child along with you on the trip means you need to put in double the effort.

Besides attending to your child’s needs – such as keeping them entertained, dressing them comfortably for the flight and accommodating to their requests – safety is yet another important consideration to make.

However, there are a few guidelines to ensure their safety is guaranteed throughout the flight. Below, we will enlighten you with some of them.

Bring along a travel medical kit

Just like how you prepare your own medication as you are travelling abroad, you should do the exact same thing for your child as well.

First and foremost, put in the usuals like pain relievers, fever-fighting medication, an antihistamine for allergic reactions and cough or cold medicine. If your child has a certain medical condition or is on medication, you need to pack in their usual medicines into the travel medical. Make sure not to leave out anything as it might lead to several problems – “withdrawal” effects, treatment failures and serious complications.

However, in the event that you forgot to bring the medication with you and your child meets with the unfortunate consequences – don’t panic. Giving immediate medical attention and medical evacuations will make sure that their health is not in danger.

Regularly update your travel medical portfolio

Taking along your travel medical portfolio with you is crucial when you encounter an unavoidable accident or medical situation. And if your child will be on the same flight with you – it is all the more important for you to do so.

Leaving out your child’s recent medical history means that immediate treatment cannot be done properly. Especially if you’re the one who has met with the accident – your child might still be too young to speak up or give the correct information to have both of your health needs met.

Worse comes to worst; an air ambulance service might be needed to deal with the current situation. It is best to receive medical attention at once to not jeopardize any one of your health any further.

Pay attention to your child

Aside from the chances of unplanned accidents or medical situations from happening, most travellers have to deal with common problems like motion sickness, ear pain and travellers’ diarrhoea.

Once you spot the symptoms or notice your child is experiencing some sort of discomfort, you should take the necessary action to address the problem right away. However, prevention is better than cure.

So, take your anti-nausea medications, filtered earplugs, eardrops and eliminate certain foods from your diet – these are sure to help in some way when it comes to any of the problems as mentioned above.

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance may cover disruptions from trips and provide you with reimbursements for losses and expenses incurred, but the most important of them all is your child’s safety.

By getting travel insurance you’re also ensuring immediate support during a medical emergency and free coverage for your child. Taking safety measures before you and your child boards the flight is much better than suffering the consequences later on.