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Travelling Light: Tips To Not Overpacking While On Vacation

EMA Global - February 18, 2022 - 0 comments

Travelling Light: Tips To Not Overpacking While On Vacation

Talk to anyone about an upcoming trip and you’ll often see their excitement and anticipation pouring out with every word they speak. But the same can’t be said about the planning and packing, which often takes a lot of thought and time. Still, rather than leaving things to the last minute where you inevitably overpack or miss out on items, travelling light can make travelling so much more convenient.

Whether you’re packing way ahead of time or doing it last minute, it’s fairly easy to get carried away with excitement and enthusiasm. We tend to pack things that we often think we would “surely use it in the evitable scenario certain things happen” but those moments don’t often materialise. Thankfully, there are some tips, tricks and mentalities that we can all adopt to pack efficiently, and here are some that will help you while you pack for your next trip!

Strategise your outfits accordingly

Trips are no longer just a getaway from work and the world – social media has made our travel opportunities a chance to get those scenic and picturesque photos. While there’s nothing wrong with packing different outfits to take better photos, preplanning your outfits for the occasion while knowing which pieces of clothing can be reused for a different look can greatly reduce the sets of clothes we have to bring for our trips.

A humble pair of jeans can often fit with many different looks. Pair it with a hoodie, a simple t-shirt or formal wear and you have 3 very distinct but equally crisp outfits. In the same vein, think about how you can bring shoes that can match either a casual or serious look, where most people would wear a comfortable pair of sneakers while bringing a pair of boots or heels for their smart casual or semi-formal attire.

Know what to bring and what to leave behind

When packing in preparation for your trip, it’s tempting to just bring everything in case you might need it, even if you rarely use some of them. While there are often things that happen out of our control, doing your research will help you identify what are truly essential travel items that need to be brought and those that can be bought should the need arise.

Pack essential medication, proper travel documentation and electronic devices with their charges, but for all else, you can travel light or include a couple more things for comfort. The essential rule of thumb is to travel lighter the more you have to walk, move between accommodations and travel.

Communicate with your travel companions

Most of us travel with our friends and families on vacations, but while there are essential articles like medication that we have to prepare individually, other items can be shared to reduce the overall baggage of the travel group.

This doesn’t just pertain to certain toiletries like hair straighteners or hair dryers, it can even include jackets, outerwear and even makeup. Knowing what your friends are bringing and what can be commonly shared can significantly reduce inconvenience, giving you more baggage space to work with and even discovering new styles of clothing from your friends to wear during your travels!


Travelling light not only reduces clutter, it also allows you to focus on what’s essential to travelling – enjoying yourself. Take away the stress from the planning and packing phase while maximising your enjoyment during the trip already makes travelling all that much fun and easier.

But for those with medical conditions or those planning to go for high-risk activities during their trip would find it wise to look up various medical assistance services to the places they are travelling to. They do say ‘safe is better than sorry’, and knowing the right numbers and organisations to reach out to can make the difference in a situation where every second counts. Stay safe and enjoy your trip knowing that you’ve got it all prepared!