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Ways To Keep Your Money Safe While Travelling Freely

EMA Global - December 11, 2019 - 0 comments

While travelling can be both rewarding and fulfilling, it can also open you up to some misadventures if you are not careful. Before embarking on your travels, it is best to have a plan on how you are going to depart from your home to your destination.  Some of the typical troubles that people face while they are traveling include losing items, language barriers, culture shocks and many others. One common essential of items lost is money.

As crime can be present in all of your travels, you can still secure your belongings and money. Here are some of the following that you can use to secure your cash on transit.

Get a dummy wallet

A fake wallet can save you a lot of hustle when travelling. This is especially true when you are travelling to a region where muggings and pickpocketing are much more prevalent. Consider purchasing a dummy wallet and fill it with a few dollars and fake credit cards that you are not afraid to lose. If you’d like, you may also use sample debit cards or expired ones. Very few thieves have the time to go through your wallet and check whether your credit cards are genuine.

Buy clothing with concealed pockets

So many clothes have hidden pockets, which are hard to find for pickpockets. Preferably, use jackets with pockets inside the main zipper. This way, you will not give thieves the easy option of stealing your money. Besides, you can use trousers with concealed pockets that are not easy to trace.

Removing wallet only in safe areas

If you are used to lifting out your wallet everywhere, perhaps it’s time to be more cautious. Some fields can be potential hubs for criminal activities. Remove your purse or wallet when you are sure that there is enough safety. If you’re not entirely sure, avoid congested areas with many people or lonely avenues and streets as they are potential pickpocketing grounds.

Having spare cash for any emergency

Having some spare cash in any of your travels can be a good way of being prepared in the case of an emergency, such as a medical evacuation. While travelling is typically a great experience, it does come with its challenges. For instance, should an accident occur, you need to have enough spare cash to cover. With proper protection, you can use your spare cash to cover an air ambulance cost if needed. You never know when an emergency might occur.

Storing valuables and money in a safe inside your guesthouse

Most contemporary hotels and guesthouses have safes where you can store your valuables. When it comes to what you own, it is best to take advantage of such safes to store your money and your commodities. Doing so will keep them off tempted fingers during the time you roam the streets.

In the case where your hotel or guestroom lacks a safe, you can conceal your items where hotel staff will not peep. However, most hotels have CCTV cameras to monitor who gets in and out of your room. Therefore, you can leave your items inside your room with confidence.