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4 Carry-On Must-Haves When Travelling During The Pandemic

EMA Global - January 27, 2022 - 0 comments

4 Carry-On Must-Haves When Travelling During The Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has limited all forms of travel and many people have been forced to re-evaluate their travel plans, staying at home for health and safety measures. However, with travel restrictions slowly lifting and with more people getting vaccinated, the world might get used to an endemic culture and see increased travelling again. As a result, you can now go through with your travel plans and finally experience the getaway you have wanted to go to for some time now.

Still, there are some things to keep in mind before going on your trip, such as taking extra precautions and preparing some extra items for safety and convenience. With that said, let us share four carry-on essentials you will need when travelling amidst the Coronavirus.

1. Physical and back up travel documents

Travelling has been stricter ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, especially with the requirements for the displaying of documentation or papers. Most travel destinations do require some proof of a negative COVID-19 test. While some places do not require you to display proof, being prepared for anything can be a real time saver.

Having backup physical prints for places that need a hard copy of the actual papers doesn’t just make it easier for your travels but also keep your important documents safe. Constant handling and exchange of your documents can lead to misplacement, especially when you’re rushing on a schedule and itinerary and especially if you are prone to forgetting where you put your possessions.

2. A face mask and more

Mask, a necessity almost everyone can’t go without. Almost — because there are some parts of the world where a face mask would not be necessary anymore. However, no matter where you are travelling to, it is always better to err on the safe side, especially when travelling to a foreign land. It might also be better to be more cautious as some people might not look favourably upon unmasked visitors to their stores despite the non-enforcement of masks as per local regulations.

People come and go, and you would not be able to tell or know if someone is sick just by basing off physical appearance. Thus, it is recommended to wear a mask when travelling as it would be a bummer if you fall sick during your travels or right after you come back from a fantastic trip. Remember to bring a few spares to switch throughout your travels and implement social distancing where required.

3. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser

When travelling, touching different things is unavoidable. But what you can avoid is the accumulation of bacteria and germs from the surfaces that come in contact with your hands. Handwashing with soap is the recommended solution to this problem but it is not every time you come across handwashing stalls or lavatories. As such, the safe route is to bring an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with you all the time, and it won’t go wrong to follow CDC’s recommendations of a hand sanitiser with 60% alcohol to battle against the Coronavirus.

Especially in public transportations swarming with people or in public restaurants where people hang around, it can be more crucial to be safe in places with increased traffic. A simple mini hand sanitiser bottle can mean the difference between safety and risk.

4. Disinfectant wipes

While hand sanitisers might be for the hand, disinfectant wipes are for the things you commonly come into contact with or even handheld devices that might get dirty from time to time. Wiping things like your kid’s plastic toys or remote controls in common quarters, for instance, would minimise the chance of getting germs and viruses from previous users or from general dirt. A simple wipe with disinfectant wipes can help you get rid of potential dangers and give you peace of mind throughout your travels.

But it is more than just for the Coronavirus. Have utensils that are dirty while you’re at a restaurant? Use hand wipes to give them a thorough wipe as you might not know how long ago these have been cleaned before usage. Disinfectant wipes are great for convenience and cleanliness and is something more people need to use frequently while traveling.


Many countries are gradually and increasingly reopening their doors to visitors. So, if you do wish to continue your travel plans, take note of the carry-on essentials mentioned above for a safer trip. Be cautious and, most significantly, mindful, not only for yourself but also for other people around you.

Take note of emergency numbers for medical evacuation in Singapore and overseas, for the event that you are unwell during or after your trip, especially if you suspect that you have come into contact with a possible coronavirus source. Safe is always better than sorry, especially with our loved ones around us.