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4 Self-Care Items You Need To Bring When Travelling Overseas

EMA Global - July 22, 2021 - 0 comments

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If you want to live a healthy and happy life, you must learn how you can take good care of yourself. When you’re at home, you probably do self-care without even knowing it – you take your time to prepare your meals, put an effort towards making healthier food choices, are conscious about the products you put on your body, wear clothes that feel comfortable, and other things that make you look and feel good.

Self-care is intrinsically done, but when you are travelling overseas, this often gets lost or compromised by everything you have to keep in mind – your luggage, itinerary, converting your money to overseas currency, your schedule, and so much more. While travelling for a vacation is a part of self-care, its other facets concerning your overall well-being shouldn’t be ignored.

To help you out, we came up with a list of items that you need to pack before you board that flight so you can better immerse in that international experience and take better care not just of yourself but also of your family.

Dry shampoo

When someone smells bad, their body is not always the culprit; sometimes, it’s their hair. You don’t want to smell bad when you go out and socialise with other people, that’s why it’s imperative that you wash your hair on a healthy regular basis.

But when you are travelling to places of colder climate or a mountainous area, doing so can be quite a challenge. In situations like this, having dry shampoo with you is going to be a lifesaver because you can skip the shower and still have fresh-smelling hair that is photoshoot-ready for all your itinerary.

Sanitising wipes

When you are travelling, one of the drawbacks that you have to deal with is the limited access to public washrooms with sanitising wipes or soaps. It is imperative that you always have your own pack of sanitising wipes with you in your bag when you go camping or hiking because you will never really know when they will come in handy.

Doing so will help you make sure that your basic hand hygiene is well-taken care of. We suggest using alcohol-free sanitising wipes so that you won’t dry out your hands.

Shoes you are comfortable in

Nothing is more inconvenient than uncomfortable shoes when you are out in the wild. Given that vacations will mostly take place outdoors, you have to make sure that your choice of footwear will not stand as a hurdle for you to enjoy your vacation.

Make it a point to pack shoes that you are comfortable in so that you can just focus on the tour and not on painful and sore feet because a vacation only comes once in a while – you better make it count.

Meditation apps

If travelling makes you feel anxious, you should try downloading meditation apps to help you calm down and ground yourself. If you want to fully enjoy your travel adventures, it’s best that you dive into it with a clear mind, refreshed soul, and a fit body – three important things that meditation apps can help you achieve.

When you are using meditation apps (or any app in general), you should be mindful of their consumption of your phone’s battery. When you are out exploring, it’s vital that have enough battery on your phone so you have access to immediate medical evacuation should an emergency situation arise. These team of experts are formed by expert medical escorts and pilots, who offer professional expertise, medical transfers via air ambulance, and quality ICU equipment.


For most people, traveling overseas for a vacation is an exciting experience. While finding time to unwind and experience new things is vital towards self-care, you should still try your best to maintain the self-care practices that you do when you’re at home.

To do so, make it a point to keep this list in mind when you are preparing for an international trip so you can make that vacation more worth it.