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5 Fabulous Dishes To Try While Travelling Around Asia

EMA Global - April 9, 2020 - 0 comments

Travelling is an exciting experience, but what is even more impressive is the experience of new delicacies across the globe.  There is simply no better way of feeling a new place than having a taste of the country’s specialities. As you can’t taste every food to determine the best, we have compiled the top five food you should eat while travelling around Asia. Before getting started, you should secure your travel insurance with air ambulance if possible. This ensures you can travel worry-free and eat to your heart’s content.

Without further ado, here are the fabulous dishes you should try while travelling around Asia.

1. Brunei: Ambuyat

Ambuyat is an exotic meal found in Brunei, a small country in Asia known for its cultural and historical heritage. If you are looking for a vacation in a relaxed and tourist-free country, then Brunei is perfect. Ambuyat is one of the country’s local delicacy. This super thick porridge-like is prepared from rumbia palm and sago. It is served with cacah binjai sauce and is eaten with a chandas, a prolonged double bamboo stick.

2. Cambodia: Fish Amok

Fish Amok is a Cambodian national dish. Even though the texture and the taste of this delicacy vary throughout the country, its ingredients remain the same. The food is made from marinated fish, aromatic spices, and curry paste. This exotic dish can be served with rice. A visit to Cambodia without a taste of Fish Amok is just not complete.

3. Indonesia: Nasi Rawon

Nasi Rawon is one meal you cannot afford to miss during your visit to Indonesia. The meal consists of special beef soup of Indonesian black nut. The beef is cut into pieces and then cooked with Indonesian spices. The mixer is then boiled with oil to make it fork-tender. The food is then served with rice and sambal. A taste of this food will make your visit to Indonesia instantly memorable.

4. Laos: Laap

Laap, or meat salad, is a popular delicacy in Laos. The meal comes in many types. However, the most popular version of laap comprises of beef, fish, chicken, and pork. The meat is then mixed with mint, carrot, lettuce, onion, chilli, and select herbs. The dish is then served with rice and raw vegetables. As a special delicacy, you can only ever find the real taste of laap in Laos.

5. Singapore: Chilli crab

A local cuisine you simply cannot miss during your local tour. The chilli crab’s fantastic origins can be traced to one Madame Cher Yam Tian. You can find this savoury dish in Mellben, Ang Mo Kio, and cannot claim to have tasted the best of Singapore cuisine without having a taste of the chilli crab.


Visiting a new country without trying out their delicacies means you miss out on new flavours to take home. As they say, you never know what you are missing until you have it! One sole purpose of travelling is to try out new things and acquire knowledge. Once you go back home, you will have the opportunity to take your kitchen all around the world without visiting these countries physically.

Some foods could be hazardous for your health, and you should look to equip yourself with medical insurance that will take care of the medical evacuation. When you travel, seek to travel free and travel safely.