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6 Tips On How To Avoid Getting Lost In A Foreign Country

EMA Global - June 22, 2022 - 0 comments

6 Tips On How To Avoid Getting Lost In A Foreign CountryFor many avid travellers, getting lost in a foreign country is not necessarily a bad thing. They may see the turn of events as a fun adventure and an opportunity to open themselves up to new experiences, take in the sights, and soak in the vibes of the new place.

However, this might not be the case with casual travellers. And there is a fine line in everything— getting lost can quickly turn stressful, scary, or dangerous under given circumstances. It always helps to be prepared and well-informed in this scenario, so here are six tips for you to avoid getting lost in a foreign country.

1.Research your trip

 When mentally prepared, you can take control of any situation that comes your way. Learn about the city you are staying in and familiarize yourself with transport links and landmarks. Knowing the landmarks is already one way to help you get your bearings if you ever get lost. It is also advisable to learn how to recognize and avoid the common travel scams in the area.

2. Always carry a map with you 

Try to keep a travel map with you at all times— this can be in the form of a physical map you can tuck away inside your bag or pockets or an online/offline map on your smartphone. You can also make use of GPS, Google Translate, or navigation apps. They are handy tools that make travel easier.

3. Carry emergency cash with you

Have some emergency cash with you at all times— not too much, just maybe around 70SGD or so in the local currency. Having the funds to get to your destination takes away that feeling of panic and helplessness if you ever find yourself lost. In the same vein, make sure that your phone is always fully charged every time you step out.

4. Learn basic local phrases

Try to learn a few basic phrases that are essential for travel. You don’t need to know the whole language per se— a smattering of words relating to directions, transportation, and emergencies will be enough if your primary concern is to avoid getting lost. Know some basic conversational phrases— locals are more likely to assist you if you are trying to speak their language.

5. Learn the different modes of transportation

If you get lost, finding your way to the public transit stop means you are halfway found— after all, all roads lead to them. Or, at the very least, bus stops and subway stations have maps outlining the surrounding area to help you find your way from there.

Try to familiarize yourself with the different forms of transportation, whether the train, bus, auto-rickshaw, or others. Sometimes, if you’re lost, hailing a cab is the most practical action to find your way back to your hotel or destination.

6. Prepare your safety contacts beforehand

Always be prepared in case emergencies happen. Save the local emergency numbers to your phone. It’s also a good idea to know the address and phone number of the embassy or consulate of Singapore in the country you are travelling to.

Another essential safety net you can arrange beforehand is travel assistance and services in medical evacuation in Singapore. Both serve as protective measures in the case of medical emergencies or similar crises. At EMA Global, we are operated by industry veterans and top health professionals to provide you with integrated assistance in the form of repatriation services with an air ambulance in Singapore and world-class medical concierge services so you can be more at ease in your travels.


When visiting foreign places, it’s essential to prepare yourself for any turn of events. Getting lost can make for an exciting adventure story, but you wouldn’t want to find yourself utterly helpless in a vulnerable situation. These tips can help you prepare for any eventuality in your wanderings abroad.