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A Seasoned Traveller’s Guide To Travelling On Budget

EMA Global - August 20, 2019 - 0 comments

Are you someone who spends hours trawling through Instagram, dreaming of embarking on a grand adventure that will take place in an all-too-distant someday? Well, it’s time to live out your dream.

Travelling on a budget is now actually doable as long as it’s done right. Doing a little research will easily unearth everything from low-cost lodging alternatives to affordable flights.

Here are five tips for travellers looking to travel on a set budget—without having to sacrifice the quality of your vacation.

Go for budget-friendly destinations

Instead of deciding where to go first before looking up flights within your budget, do the inverse. Budget backpacking destinations can really help you stretch your dollar. Look out for unexpectedly affordable locations to fly to as well as the best times to travel.

If you’re planning a trip to a destination that’s known to be expensive, head there during the off-peak season. Though the weather may not be ideal, there’s bound to be fewer crowds and better deals for hostels and hotels. This allows you to save a fair amount on both airfare and accommodation.

Set a budget

The easiest way to stick to your travel budget is to have one to start with. Work out how much you’re willing to spend for the duration of your vacation. Then, based on the overall amount, calculate how much your daily travel budget should be and stick to it.

Other than not going over budget, keep track of your expenses while overseas. This will help you clearly see how much you’ve spent and where exactly it goes. Doing so can greatly help any traveller look closely at their spending habits and better stick to their travel budget.

Eat where the locals do

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Be it street food stalls, an obscure eatery or a small restaurant, as long as it’s heavily frequented by locals, go there! Make friends with some of them and you may just end up with their recommendations of the cheap eats in the neighborhood.

For those who are extremely eager to sample the local specialties, simply sign up for a foodie tour online and get ready to dig in.

Stay in affordable accommodation

Accommodation usually accounts for much of any traveller’s expenses. In many countries, a night’s stay in a nice hotel room will have a tourist dropping a few hundred dollars, which isn’t a viable option if you’re staying in the country for more than a few days.

Consider cheaper alternatives like Airbnb or youth hostels. For the truly broke, Couchsurfing can connect you to locals’ couches for free. If you can afford something a little nicer, look to locally-run guesthouses or homestays.

Have a flexible schedule

Every budget-savvy traveller will agree on the importance of flexibility. Come up with a list of five or lesser things that you don’t want to miss out on seeing and leave the remaining time free for spontaneity.

This way, you can experience more on your own and snatch up great last-minute deals without having to fork out cash for heavily tourist-marketed activities and events.

While it’s all and good to save money while travelling, skipping out on travel insurance isn’t a great idea. Getting a medical evacuation plan will safeguard you in case of any eventualities, dispatching air ambulances to bring you and your loved ones home safely during an unexpected overseas emergency.