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Experience These Joys When You Decide To Travel Solo

EMA Global - October 17, 2019 - 0 comments

The idea of travelling alone can be scary for some people. Being in a foreign land all alone can easily make one feel helpless and lonely. When you meet with troubles, you have no one to turn to, and when you find something you enjoy, you have no one to share your excitement with. However, many people still do travel alone and make it a point to do so.

Indeed, these people have discovered the joys of travelling solo. Although it is challenging, it comes with its fair share of benefits that helps one recharge and realign their perspective. Not only does the experience humble you and teach you a lot, but it can also be more enjoyable in its own ways as well.

If you have yet to experience it yourself, here’s an overview of some advantages you get to enjoy when you travel alone:

Rediscover yourself

Getting away from people you know in your life can give you an opportunity to re-discover yourself. When you spend time with people you are familiar with, you tend to conform your behaviour to how you usually act around them. But when travelling alone in a place where nobody knows you, you can behave in a way that is the most comfortable for you.

Many people go overseas alone and come back feeling rejuvenated as they have had time to think through things that are important to them in life. Some discover new hobbies that remain with them even after returning from the trip, becoming new pursuits and even new careers.

Travelling alone also gives you the chance to know yourself better in the way you live your life. From simple things like what you enjoy doing first thing in the morning, to how you respond when your train is cancelled – these behaviours help you become more aware of your preferences and management skills.

Experience new encounters

The scariest thing about travelling alone is that you will feel like you have no one to rely on but yourself. However, this can also be the most beautiful thing, as it teaches you to be self-reliant. You will need to learn to handle everything by yourself and find solutions when problems arise. When unexpected situations occur, you will also learn how to manage your emotional response to stay calm and look for help.

It helps if you are well-prepared for different contingencies, such as bringing your personal medical kit, and having a comprehensive travel insurance plan, inclusive of medical evacuation to Singapore. But when put in the situation, you will soon also find out how to call for help, such as the local police, your country’s embassy, or an air ambulance to Singapore.

Living outside your comfort zone will also mean you will get to do things that you do not usually do when you are comfortable. Thus, it will make for a lot of new experiences that you would not otherwise encounter. For example, if there’s a lack of food choices, you might find a new favourite food from amongst the local delicacies there. It is also a chance to discover the kindness of humanity from all around the world.

Enjoy a flexible itinerary

When you travel in a group, accommodating to others is a basic form of respect to your fellow travellers. However, when you are travelling solo, you can decide how your schedule looks like. Without having to worry about inconveniencing others or being judged for your choices, you can travel according to your own wishes and your own pace.

You can wake up however early you want to catch the sunrise, or stay in late with a book and a warm cup of coffee. You can choose the scenic train route rather than the express plane to your next destination. The freedom to do it your own way is something that can only be done when you travel solo.

Travelling alone provides a unique and enriching experience every time. If you have yet to experience the joys of travelling alone, maybe it’s time to give it a try. But as always, remember to keep safe while travelling!