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How To Care for Your Mental Health When Overseas

EMA Global - May 6, 2019 - 0 comments

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures to many people, and it can bring various emotions ranging from joy, excitement, relief, and even trepidation. While many people travel to take the edge off such as taking a break from a hectic working lifestyle, travelling may also present certain challenges for people with mental health issues. Additionally, being overseas can compound these challenges and affect how they function daily.

There are steps that you can take before and during your overseas stay to keep your mental health well cared for. Let’s take a look below.

Meet Your Mental Health Professionals Before The Trip

Being overseas can cause anxiety or other concerns for certain people as they will be distant from their usual line of help. So, before heading overseas, it’s wise to visit your mental health professional first to discuss how you can care for your mental health while abroad. They can provide practical guidance and encouragement that can offer you some reassurance, and may be able to help you connect with alternative sources of mental healthcare too.

In addition, you can also reach out to a mental health professional in the area you’re visiting and schedule an appointment if you have the time for it. They can be an invaluable source of support and help for the duration of your stay as it may take a while for you to gain your bearings and feel accustomed to a new place.

If it’s something you’re comfortable with, you can also seek out mental health support groups that hold social activities or events together in the country you’re visiting. It’s a helpful method of settling into a new place and can help you build a dependable network of encouragement and support.

Keep a Regular and Healthy Routine

Having a routine is a therapeutic and essential method of self-care for many people. It enables them to have a dependable schedule that they can rely on for mental health management. Travelling can disrupt this balance, but it may help to form a new routine when you’re overseas.

One such way is maintaining a healthy sleep routine while overseas which is similar to the one you have at home. This can help you to reduce stress effectively as your body will not have to adjust to a completely new sleeping schedule. A little flexibility in the sleep timings can be fine, but try to avoid going to bed at a drastically different schedule as it could disrupt your body and mental health.

A small trick to have can be great for mental healthcare is also to have a personal journal in which you can record how you feel. This can be done on a daily basis or even an hourly basis, according to your preference. Writing down how you feel allows you to check in with your emotions and mental state, helping you to keep track of your progress and stay motivated.

Find Healthy Spaces

Travelling can be an overwhelming experience too as you’re rushing to visit all the tourist destinations on your itinerary. For some people, this rush can trigger certain mental health concerns such as anxiety or panic attacks. It’s vital then that you find healthy spaces away from these triggers so that you’re able to handle your emotions in a healthy way.

A positive space can be different for various people. Some may prefer to be alone and away from the company of their families or friends, while others may choose to be surrounded by their loved ones. What’s important to remember is that you a healthy space should be one where you can engage in self-care for your mental health in a positive way.

To help you along further, it can help to have some meaningful personal items that can reassure you in your healthy spaces. This can range from photographs of your loved ones, a playlist of comforting music, or a weighted blanket.

While it’s important to have knowledge of essential services such as medical evacuation, hospitals, clinics, and emergency air ambulance services while you’re travelling, your mental health is of great importance too and, hopefully, the above mentioned tips will help you in caring for your mental health while you’re overseas.