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Reasons Why You Should Consider Going For A Gap Year Travel

EMA Global - November 15, 2019 - 0 comments

Oftentimes, you may have asked yourself what relevance a gap year travel has. Well, there are several benefits to accrue from going on such a journey. We will cover most of those reasons for you so that you know why you need to take one today. The plethora of reasons why you need to take a gap year travel includes self-realization and learning. Of course, there is a myriad of other reasons, which we will look at in the subsequent text.

Before taking a gap year travel, consider taking an insurance cover to guard you against any challenges throughout the trip. You cannot foot something like the cost of air ambulances easily and should always be prepared for any forms of medical evacuation throughout your trip. However, with the help of an insurance cover, you can rest easy knowing that you have got yourself medical expenses covered in case any accident takes place. Here are some of the many benefits you will gain by taking a gap year:

Learning a new language

Bearing in mind that you will travel to a new destination, you will discover a new language quickly by interacting with the natives. This is the best way to learn a new language. Not that you will not learn by attending classes, but this gives you a one-on-one experience. In today’s multicultural world, being able to speak more than one language is a great asset, and taking a gap year is a great opportunity to learn another language.

They say the best way to learn a language is to be among the people who speak it, so you can rest easy knowing that this is a different experience to those mother tongue classes which you had to take in school. Talking with local people in their native language is immensely rewarding and satisfying, and they will value you even more for it. If are looking to cover as many bases as possible, you might want to consider learning Spanish, as it is the second most commonly spoken language in the world after Mandarin.

Experience a foreign culture

The history, cuisine, and other cultural aspects of unfamiliar people will turn to reality, right before your eyes. A gap year travel will help you to see all of these things happening. One of the greatest things about travelling is immersing yourself in a new culture. Even though you can peak into various cultures from the comfort of your home through reading books, viewing photos or watching videos, none of these compares to the exhilaration of experiencing it on your own.

At a certain point during their trip, many travellers go through something called ‘cultural shock’. That is when all of those unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds become so daunting that you feel like you can’t cope with it all. However, you can and you will. Through this experience, you will emerge as a stronger and more optimistic person.

Aids in the development of life skills

You gain life skills through the experiences you get from others in your journey and the final destination. For instance, you will learn how to live and interact with others and many more aspects. When it happens, you won’t even know it, but travelling all over the world will instil in you, all sorts of valuable life skills, such as planning, budgeting, negotiation, problem-solving, interaction, and empathy.

You will also return as a much more confident person. Although it’s hard to assess this in any substantial way, you will just feel completely different. You will feel more capable and more comfortable with yourself. All this will shine through your persona and make you someone who is more open, confident, employable and generally well-rounded.

Prepare for university or work life

Quite often we all just want to reach for the refresh button and it could be the perfect idea to go on a gap year travel to fully destress. You may have been buried in textbooks and examinations for what looks like an eternity, and you are so overwhelmed that you don’t really know what it’s all for or what you want to do with your life. You may feel trapped in a dead-end job and think that there is nothing exciting to look forward to.

Whatever the case, travelling is an incredibly effective way of gaining some clarity in your life and appreciating what matters to you. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t have to last a whole year! Travelling for just a few months is typically more than ample time to have the much-needed headspace. You can look forward to returning as a new person with renewed energy and purpose with a gap year’s travel.

Self-improvement journey

A gap year travel helps to bring the best out of who you are. This is because you will be working with the natives in projects that relate to their needs directly. In due process, you will also develop your skills and expertise. Gap year activities typically include a travel element and various opportunities for cultural exchange. These meetings will force you to become more aware of your own behaviour and its effect. This awareness of yourself is a valuable life skill to monitor and evaluate your interactions with others, making you a healthier person.

Gap year activities like teaching and working abroad are known to drive students out of their comfort zone. But do not fret, as the support staff will always be there to assist you. Nonetheless, it will be up to you to make daily choices such as meeting your internship project deadline. While it may seem overwhelming, it is an extremely powerful accomplishment to persevere through gap year transitions and challenges as it creates confidence.

Reward yourself

A gap year helps you to live life to the fullest. This will give you memories like those that you have never had before. If this is not self-rewarding, then what is? People tend to take a gap year after receiving their diploma or degree and some take a gap year after years of working 9 am to 5 pm shifts. Life is much more than just about working and studying. With a gap year travel, you can re-enter normality new, motivated, and far less likely to burn out if you take time off.

Universities can be quite stressful and you will constantly be worrying about coursework, dissertations and preparing for exams. You might even feel like you could use a proper, lengthy break once you’ve completely cleared the academic hurdle. After working hard to get your degree, you should reward yourself with a year out before you start working. With the official retirement age in Singapore being 62, one year out really is nothing in comparison to the years of work you will have to go through.

Take a break off the norm

A typical day is tedious and exhausting at times. This is why you need to take a gap year to relax and ease your mind off the pressure of everyday life. Living under the confines of your room will most likely lead to depression and sluggish thinking. Taking a gap year will help you get out of this chain and experience something different.

With self-structured gap years, you’ll have full control of just how you’re spending your days. Even with organized gap year plans, you’ll have plenty of space for your favourite after-hour excursions. This form of freedom is enthralling and enables you to discover yourself and your new surroundings in a less constrained setting.

Make new friends

As you travel, you are bound to meet new people, and this will help you make new friends. Forming long-lasting relationships is incredible, and in many ways, it is the most fulfilling aspect of your gap year. You’ll find that you are around the people you travel with 24/7 and this will help form relationships that would take years to form back at home.

You could end up with friends for life in a matter of a few weeks and you might also get an opportunity to connect with local communities if you’re lucky. You can achieve this by settling down in a city for a bit, taking up volunteer work or even just signing up for temporary jobs in the area. It’s amazing to have friends around the world and it gives you an excellent reason to go back to see them!