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Why Travelling Is A Great Idea For Combating Depression

EMA Global - November 1, 2019 - 0 comments

For many people, experiencing depression is a trying time, where nothing seems to help. However, along with medical intervention and therapy, there are certain lifestyle changes one can take to combat depression.

Health professionals recommend individuals who are affected by depression to take charge of their lives through active goal setting, exercising, eating healthily, and getting into a routine. These steps help people get back on their feet and gain control of their mind and body. In addition, going back to activities you used to enjoy and challenging yourself to new experiences are also great ways to let your brain relearn how to find joy and excitement in life.

Travelling is one of those activities that can be immensely beneficial to those who are experiencing depression. With its vast potential for new experiences, going on a trip can help lift individuals out of a rut. Here are the greatest advantages of travelling for combating feelings of depression:

Travelling lets you experience new things

More often than not, going travelling takes you to places that you have never been to before. The change of scenery will be good for you as it gives you time away from negative thoughts that are associated with the people and situations at home. Trying out new things also comes with travelling – these can be new food, new sports, new art forms, and more. By challenging yourself to do something different, the brain releases dopamine, which is the hormone that gives you a sense of pleasure and enjoyment.

Travelling gives you freedom 

If your feelings of depression are stemmed from a stifled or pressurising environment back home, travelling may be your much-needed escape. Without the stresses of work and daily worries, you can take all the time you want to tend to yourself and do what you want. The freedom from tight schedules gives you the opportunity to pick up a self-care regimen and let yourself recharge. Go for a spa, sip a cocktail at the beach, or watch the sunrise from a mountaintop, and let the heavy thoughts dissipate from you.

Travelling changes your perspective

When you travel, you are likely to meet new people, see new sights, and experience a different lifestyle. Travelling opens up opportunities for socialising with like-minded people who share common experiences. You can also get a glimpse into how people of other cultures live. By getting to know more about other people and the world, it can dramatically shift your perspective towards your circumstances. These experiences can humble you and make you develop a sense of appreciation for your own life.

Travelling brings you back to nature

Most people enjoy visiting natural sights during their travels, due to the healing effects of experiencing nature up close. Not only are natural wonders beautiful sights to behold, but they can also bring your mind a state of peace and calm. Whether you prefer taking a trek up a mountain, strolling by the coast, or bird-watching in the forest, being absorbed in nature has soothing and uplifting effects on your overall wellbeing and mood.

With all these advantages of travelling, going on a trip is always a good idea. To ensure that you reap the full benefits, you should also make sure to factor in safety measures for your travels. For example, always let a close family member or friend know where you are travelling to, and set aside funds for emergency services like air ambulances and medical evacuation. With the proper planning, you can enjoy your trip in confidence, and take a step to chase the blues away.