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Why You Should Start Planning Your Domestic Travel Journey

EMA Global - August 3, 2021 - 0 comments

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With the pandemic still making its way around the globe, many of us find ourselves stranded and unable to travel to other countries. As such, we lament the loss of our holidays and feel that we are wasting away either at home or work. However, there is another way you could try to rejuvenate your holiday spirits, which would be to tour the place you are currently in.

Domestic travel may seem like a bore. We might even think that there is not much to see or do as we have already done it all. However, new things are constantly popping up, and what we have seen before may not be what they are now. Besides, being a local tourist is way more convenient as we would know about Singapore’s tourist hotspots.

Here are more reasons why we should get out and start rediscovering our homelands.

History, culture, and heritage

Every country contains its own story and heritage. By exploring the land, you would also uncover the different tales it tells. Learning about a country’s legacy is one of the reasons why we love to travel overseas. However, how many of us have taken the time to get to know our own?

The pandemic has presented us with the perfect opportunity to look upon our own culture and find out why travellers flock to Singapore to experience it. As we do so with a fresh perspective, we may discover a new fascination for our history as well.

Learning about history and culture is not restricted to museums and historical sites. The various parks are also littered with monuments that we may not know about before. Buildings themselves also speak of traditions and architecture that we might not have noticed. While exploring our home, look closely, and we might discover many hidden facts.

Connect with the locals

Going on vacation is not just about taking in the sights but also about interacting with the people that live within the space. As we travel, we will meet new people along the way. Even if it’s the local coffee shop owner or the hawker who serves you lunch, talking to the locals is the best way to understand your home better.

In addition, you will also gain insight into the daily lives of other locals. Even if you live in the same environment, it is interesting to peek into the lives of others, whether it is their daily routine or their favourite foods. Who knows, you might even find many new friends along the way!

Home pride

For many of us, our home country is more than where we stay. It is also a place where we have a shared identity, making everyone part of a larger community. Looking at the different monuments and walking along the city streets could make us find new reasons to fall in love with our home country again.

After doing so, you could also share the stories and new places with your friends and family. Exchanging what we know about our home strengthens our community bond and enables us to find a sense of belonging that we could have lost touch with due to the pandemic.

Room for spontaneity

One of the best perks of travelling local would be the flexibility of travel. As local tourists, we don’t need to worry about accommodation to retreat to our homes. We also won’t have to worry about a language barrier. Best of all, as most of us are already familiar with the landscape, it is easier to get around from one point to another.

While on familiar ground, we can make time for more items on the itinerary. Without the need for passports and visas, we can spend less time in transit and more time exploring the sights our country has to offer. In addition, we can even call out our friends to explore with us. On a conventional trip overseas, if we miss our friends, we can only call them online. Now, as local tourists, we can share our memories with them in real time. Going exploring together and hitting up cafes that you see along the way could be a fantastic way to spend the holidays.

Just take note that as you explore, keep in mind that fun aside, health and safety takes the utmost priority. Be sure to stay hydrated, bring essential medicines, and take short breaks in between your tour if needed. In a worst-case scenario where specific medical services are only available abroad in the event of an emergency medical evacuation, ensure you have a 24/7 careline number in mind for access to immediate medical assistance like an air ambulance for a smooth and safe air transfer. You never know when you could get into trouble as we go about being our rendition of Indiana Jones, and it is always better to be prepared.


Local travel can be an experience that is hard to forget, and this is the perfect time to start. Instead of moping about how we cannot go overseas, why not give your local landscape a shot? You might be surprised at the discoveries you can make during your journey!