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A Beginner’s Guide To Become An Effective Digital Nomad In 2022

EMA Global - January 14, 2022 - 0 comments

A Beginner’s Guide To Become An Effective Digital Nomad In 2022

Yes, we’ve all heard about the work from home culture, about how it’s brought about an effective change to work culture and created all sorts of convenience and increase in productivity. But is that all it is about?

Digital nomadism has been a rising trend in the past few years, with people utilising modern technology to work from all corners of the world. Albeit the embargo on travelling due to COVID-19 and the rise of the Omicron and ‘Deltacron’ variant, digital nomadism lends itself well to the work from home culture. While not all jobs can allow for such to occur, knowing how to do so if your job allows it can grant you all sorts of freedom you might never have dreamed of.

People travel to places like Bali or Bangkok, frequenting beaches and a relaxing lifestyle while others travel around in campervans or even live in sailboats, working from different ports of call. The most commonly available would be those that rent Airbnb apartments or stay in backpacker hostels (keeping costs low) while they travel about, retaining a home base in the region as they explore new countries and what these new places have to offer. But what are some tips that can help you start your digital nomad journey?

1. Establish a routine

Yes, you may be staying abroad, but remember that you are still working, not on a 24/7 vacation. That changes your mentality and approach as the first few things to look out for would lead towards establishing a productive routine. Source for a location with affordable lodging, looking out for a variety of affordable and delicious food options easily accessible from your residence. Note down different cafes, bars or restaurants, especially those where you can work with WiFi (you didn’t travel hundreds of miles just to do work in a confined hotel room, right?), seeking out various co-working spaces and connecting with communities of digital nomads to tap into their experience and knowledge of the area.

Making everything accessible and easy for yourself helps you to be productive at work, finishing your work up quickly so you can explore the new area and culture you’ve travelled to. Set aside the hours you know you’re supposed to work while finding a quiet and productive café to stay for the duration, and you’ve taken your first steps in starting a routine.

2. Prepare for the logistics of a nomadic digital lifestyle

There are some things synonymous with a digital nomad’s lifestyle. A laptop, a VPN, portable chargers, earpieces, translation devices… it almost seems endless, but once you figure out the necessities are, it becomes easier to plan for what to bring about.

Travel essentials and daily essentials are very different things. Travel essentials refer to the clothes you bring, proper footwear, possible medication for anything that might happen, including inhalers, medicines for food poisoning and diarrhoea, paracetamol for headaches, etc. Daily essentials refer to your chargers, portable devices, personal identification, spare cash, things you require to do your work and other self-care items.

Digital nomads don’t necessarily have to travel light (although it is highly recommended due to your frequency of travelling), but they do have to travel prepared. Know where are the nearest hospitals when you’re abroad, or even niche emergency numbers like emergency air evacuation or the coast guard can be life-saving in dangerous situations.

3. Staying connected

No, we’re not talking about WiFi here. Stay connected with your community even while abroad, be it a community of locals, travel buddies or even your loved ones at home. Leading a nomadic lifestyle in the 21st century has so many upsides, key of which being able to connect with your close friends and families no matter where you go. Drop them a message or update your social media to show them the exciting activities you’re up to and that you’re safe.

You can be lonely even while you’re connected to the world; emotional connections are a necessity in our lives as social creatures, after all. Put in the effort to connect, and you’ll often find the rewards of friendships and relationships to be rewarding, a safe space no matter where you end up in the world.


Whether you’re a digital nomad or thinking of leading this lifestyle, there are so many things to be aware of. Safety first? Whether you’re a tourist over here or internationally, starting with your safety and knowing essential medical evacuation in Singapore and abroad when travelling is always paramount in preparing for all manners of emergency. Missing some key items? Check out the stores in the airport before heading out because you may never know the next time you get to visit a well-stocked store for travellers. Whatever it is, stay safe, stay prepared and make your journey a great one to be had.