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How You Can Stay In Keto While Going On A Vacation Trip

EMA Global - March 25, 2022 - 0 comments

How You Can Stay In Keto While Going On A Vacation TripDiet might be that one part of our travel plans that we tend to relax more on – after all, we do enjoy some delectable local cuisine, don’t we? But just like how vegetarians can stay vegetarians even on vacation mode, you can also keep your state of ketosis going while enjoying new sights and experiences.

It is a choice to keep our diet, and our dietary goals don’t have to go out of the window, even while travelling. While it does take a little more time and effort when compared to other travellers, we say it’s all worth the effort.

1. Plan ahead of time

The first step of staying on keto while going on a vacation is to always plan out everything ahead – you don’t want to go on your flight and only start planning as you get to your destination because planning takes time. If you want to enjoy your vacation, don’t spend much of your time trying to Google the nearest keto-friendly restaurants because before you know it, you might end up spending more time stressing out about where to eat than actually making the most out of your trip.

Before going on that trip, do your research on a couple of things – an accommodation that has a full kitchen so you can cook, is near keto-friendly restaurants and a supermarket. Doing so will make sure that you have more control over your food consumption even when you’re not all too familiar with the place.

2. Do a meal-prep

Another thing that you should do before boarding your flight is to prepare your meals. Don’t rely on the foods they serve aboard the aircraft because not only are they known to not taste the best, but you can’t always guarantee that the ingredients they’re made of are ketogenic. Sure, you can just wait out until you get to your destination, but if you’re taking a long haul flight, you best should have some food with you.

When making a meal for your flight, just be mindful of the ingredients that you are adding into the mix – be sure that they don’t emit a strong smell. Otherwise, you and everyone else would have to deal with it for the entire duration of the flight. Also, make sure that you’re packing your meals in air-tight containers so that you don’t run the risk of spilling everything inside your carry-on and making it smell for months on end.

3. Know the keto-friendly options around your area of residence

As soon as you get to your accommodation that ideally has a full kitchen, change out of your travel clothes and go to the nearest supermarket to shop for some keto foods and ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables, to name a few. Do consider the appliances that your kitchen comes with so you know exactly what food items you can buy and what meals you can prepare.

Prepare a couple of simple recipes just in case you want to whip up something easy and quick, such as wraps and salads, that you can prepare on the go and enjoy while travelling. Keep a couple of good keto-friendly restaurants or seek recommendations from locals if you are brave enough to chat them up.


Because going on a vacation is naturally going to be a physically dominant endeavour, it is imperative that you have access to the right kinds of food so that you’ll be more conditioned to make the most out of the time you have in the new environment – all in a safe manner.

Speaking of safety, travel safety is also important to help make your vacation free of any worries and thoughts of negative what-ifs. Before you go to your dream destination, do make it a point to engage in reliable medical evacuation or even the best air ambulance services, especially in inaccessible areas, so you know exactly who to get in touch with in case a situation that calls for them arises. For that, you can always contact our hotline at EMA Global and we’re sure to connect you with a professional that can advice you further.