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Life Hacks For Surviving The Dreaded Long-Haul Flight

EMA Global - November 7, 2019 - 0 comments

Travelling to a dream destination is always an exciting prospect, but sometimes the journey to get there is enough to kill the excitement. Destinations like Europe or America require travellers to face a long-haul flight of over ten hours, sometimes up to twenty. After dealing with the long flight, travellers still need to somehow get to their lodging and begin their itinerary all while battling jetlag.

New travellers, especially, will find it a challenge to get through long-haul flights. However, if you are a seasoned traveller, you would know some handy tips to get yourself through. With some preparation and know-how, you can survive a long-haul flight like a breeze. Here are some essential tips for conquering the long-haul flight like a champ:

Put on a comfortable outfit 

Forget airport fashion – the key to travelling comfortably is to dress the part. You’ll be sitting in that outfit for hours on end, so make sure it is something you will be comfortable in. The best choices are loose-fitting and soft clothing. If you are prone to feeling cold, you should also consider equipping yourself with a jacket or cardigan. Ensure that your footwear is comfortable and not too tight, as this could lead to circulation issues in your feet. Some people also swear by compression socks for helping to ward off deep vein thrombosis.

Avoid excess luggage 

Unless you’re relocating and absolutely need to take everything with you, you will benefit from travelling light on a long flight. You will be grateful for having fewer pieces and lighter luggage once you get off your long flight and have to battle the fatigue to get to your hotel room. Bringing slimmer carry-ons also maximise the space you have under your seat, which is precious real estate for you to stretch your legs. Do yourself a favour and bring only what is necessary for a more comfortable flight.

Prepare some snacks

Most flights come with in-flight meals and snacks, but in some cases, it might still be advisable to stock up on some snacks in your carry-on. If you don’t fancy airplane food, or don’t want to be charged exorbitant add-on fees, these snacks will keep your blood sugar up during the flight. Do take note of the airline regulations, though – some flights can be strict about travellers bringing in their own meals, but small snacks are usually fine. Another way is to fill your belly with a heavy meal prior to your flight.

Equip yourself with the necessities

A real problem on long-haul flights is how to occupy your time for those agonising ten to twenty hours in a confined space. Most people are content with binge-watching movies, while the lucky few who are able to fall asleep on planes will spend it in slumber. Whichever you prefer, you should prepare the gear you need to enjoy these comfortably. For example, consider bringing your own earphones, as the ones provided by airlines usually don’t sound great. A neck pillow and eye mask may also be helpful in helping you get some shuteye on the flight. Most people find it a good idea to bring moisturiser and lip balm as well to keep their skin hydrated in the dry cabin.

Get insured

Longer flights mean longer distance trips, and usually, longer duration trips as well. Taken together, this presents a higher chance for mishaps or accidents happening, as compared to a short and nearby trip. These can be travelling-related incidents like lost luggage, cancelled flights, and the like. A good insurance plan should cover these and more, and also help get assistance services to you when you need it. For example, being ill or injured in a foreign land may require the services of medical evacuation. A comprehensive insurance plan will help you contact air ambulances that will take you to a nearby hospital or back to Singapore.

Say goodbye to the dreary long-haul flight – with these tips, you can travel more comfortably and be all ready to take on the world once you arrive! Have fun, and as always, stay healthy and safe!