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Why You Should Experience Travelling Solo At Least Once

EMA Global - November 24, 2020 - 0 comments

It is common to receive weird looks when telling others you are going to travel alone. Travelling is usually viewed as an enriching group activity and involves more than one person. However, that is far from the truth.

When speaking to seasoned travellers, many of them recall their solo trips to be the most memorable and eye-opening. On solo travels, you tend to notice things you would naturally look past if you were with a group. Besides, there are also many benefits you can reap from embarking on a trip alone.

Here are three reasons why you should consider travelling solo at least once in your life.

Meet the locals

One of the first things you would notice on your overseas trip alone is how much you depend on the opinions of people you travel with. For instance, the accommodation you pick and even minute details like where you get lunch.

Being on the trip alone and having no buddy to rely on only opens you up to the locals. This can mean asking for directions or recommendations for the best local food. Another example would be on a bus or train ride. Chances are you’d be talking to your group or travel buddy as you commute. When alone, you seem more approachable, and the hospitable locals might even strike up a conversation with you. Who knows, they might share some hidden gems in the area that tourists don’t know about! Ultimately, you will have a better idea of the locals and their culture better when travelling alone.

Travel at your own pace

One of the best feelings when travelling is being in a foreign location with nothing tying you down. This is not something that many people experience when travelling in groups or with a travel buddy. In a group, you often have to take into consideration the various preferences of different people and accommodate to it throughout the trip. Over time, this can remove the liberating feeling that travelling gives you.

When you are alone, you get to be in full control of how your trip goes. You could even wake up one day and decide to watch a movie without seeking the approval of anyone else. Such trips are the ones that you would always look back and remember.

Boosts your confidence

Are you an introvert and get nervous when thinking about striking up conversations with people? If so, then a solo trip is just what you need. There are so many aspects of travel to keep in mind on trips, like the language barrier and navigation. With no travel buddy to fall back on, it can get uncomfortable for most wallflowers.

However, these “problems” only nudge you to rely on yourself and the locals to solve problems and get over obstacles. After being pushed out of your comfort zone and dealing with issues in a foreign land, the challenges you face back home would seem meagre. This only leads to you taking on future challenges head-on.


A common misconception is that travelling solo means that you would be alone throughout the trip. Contrary to that belief, it better immerses you into the culture of the locals and helps you understand yourself as a person better.

But before you start planning for your first solo trip, a critical tip would be to ensure that you are safe when in a different country. This may mean getting a first aid kit ready or knowing who to contact when in need of an immediate medical evacuation. Hence, it’s best to note down the essential numbers of the particular country you are in. Similarly, this better ensures the chances of securing an air ambulance so your healthcare needs are met at once. Besides, having a sense of security when travelling is also vital to your experience abroad.