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24 Hour Assistance
+65 6570 2552
For Assistance during Office Hours
+65 6753 9133
Our experienced Communications Specialists are standby to assist you with your medical assistance needs. You can depend on us to:
Arrange bed to bed medical transfers for critically ill or injured patients
Confirm bed bookings and patient acceptance with receiving hospitals
Provide fit-to-fly medical advice through our panel of doctors
Provide follow-up communications and status updates
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Safety First

Beyond a stellar medical track record, every member of EMA Global’s team of dedicated staff are rigorously trained with one main objective – safety. From planning to pick up and delivery, safety is our paramount concern. On board our air ambulance transport, we practice  strict Safety First Policy for both our Passengers and Crew Members on board.

EURAMI Standards

EMA Global is fully accredited by the European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI). This accreditation standard covers every part of the EMA Global operation from patient medical care to aircraft certifications and ensures all operations are carried out with the utmost safety.

The Only Medical Assistance Provider in Asia with EURAMI Certification

EMA Global is the only medical assistance provider in Asia operating its own fixed wings air ambulances to gain full EURAMI accreditation.

Rigorous Accreditation Process

In order to achieve EURAMI accreditation, medical assistance providers must undergo an extensive analysis of their procedures related to patient care, daily operations, flight and patient documentation, staff training and ongoing aircraft maintenance. By maintaining strict accreditation standards for its member companies, EURAMI helps to promote excellence in aeromedical services worldwide. EMA Global has held EURAMI accreditation since 2013.

Flight Safety

Experienced Flight Crew

Our pilots have thousands of hours of flight experience and go through extensive training on an annual basis and receive ongoing training every six months. Prior to every medical flight, pilots participate in a risk-assessment analysis in order to be prepared for potential challenges that may arise. All of our pilots are skilled in assisting our medical escorts and exceed CASA training requirements. They also go through initial and recurrent training through professional pilot training programs.

Patient Safety

EMA GLOBAL's medical escorts comprise experienced physicians and nurses ready to fly at short notice to evacuate patients to destinations and medical facilities with the appropriate level of medical care. As medical professionals working for hospitals, our medical escorts continue to have hands-on experience in treating patients. Like all medical personnel working in a hospital, EMA GLOBAL’s medical escorts are current in their medical know-how and subscribe to compulsory Continuing Medical Education (CME). CME consists of educational activities that serve to maintain, develop and increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance of our medical professionals.

Leaving nothing to chance, our mandatory training regimen means every patient we transport receives top-notch care with the latest medical techniques and equipment available.
Our medical escorts are ICU-trained and are required to have a minimum of:

1. 3-5 years of ICU experience
2. Active licenses
3. Basic Life Support (BLS)
4. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
5. Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
6. Advanced Airway Management Class
7. Advanced Trauma Physiology Course

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First Accredited Service Provider from Asia

EMA Global is Singapore’s only Accredited Service Provider for IAG.

EURAMI - European Aeromedical Institute Accreditation

In recognition of our focus on patient safety, EMA Global is the first fixed-wing air ambulance company in Asia to gain full EURAMI accreditation in Adult Critical Care and Advanced Critical Care.